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Phenotype calls

Associations between mutant genotypes and their observed phenotypes are recorded in the ‘genotype-phenotype’ data core. This dataset is closely related to the ‘statistical-result’ dataset, but it can be seen as a convenient way to capture the set of phenotype hits following statistical analysis.

Some fields relevant to the ‘genotype-phenotype’ core are provided in the table below.

Field nameDescription
marker_symbolMouse gene identifier in symbol format, e.g. Car4
marker_accession_idMouse gene identifier in MGI id format, e.g. MGI:1096574
zygosityZygosity of the mutant specimens
parameter_stable_idIdentifier for phenotyping parameter
sexSex of the mutant specimens
mp_term_idIdentifier of a mammalian phenotype

Several other fields are also available; a complete list of available parameters is available here.

Example – phenotypes for a gene symbol

Query criteria:

Marker symbol: Car4

Query URL:

Example – phenotypes for a parameter

Query criteria:

Parameter identifier: IMPC_ECG_004_001 (RR interval)

Query URL: