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Phenotype pages

The IMPC website has one phenotype page for virtually every bottom- and top-level MP term associated with an IMPC parameter. Each Phenotype page lists all genes for which a significant association to that particular phenotype has been made.

To search for phenotypes select the “PHENOTYPES” tab from the top of the search bar. Body parts (e.g. limb), substances (e.g. glucose) or MP terms (increased circulating HDL cholesterol level) can be used as search terms. The search results list the relevant MP terms. Selecting a phenotype brings up a summary information on that phenotype at the top of the page. A table showing all the significant associations for that phenotype (MP term) is displayed with links to the Chart page with the underlying data. Genotype – phenotype associations are counted independently for sex and zygosity in this table.

Additional information is provided for the context of the phenotype. All the procedures which have parameters associated with the phenotype are listed with links to the IMPReSS protocols. Phenotype association statistics are also presented showing the wild type context of the data by parameter.

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