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Programmatic data access

All data collected by the IMPC is freely availabe. Besides viewing in the web portal, it can also be downloaded for independent analysis. Several channels are available, each tailored for accessing data for individual items, small sets, or in bulk. 

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Programmatic access

The full range of up-to-date IMPC data can be accessed through an application programming interface, or API. The IMPC infrastructure is powered by SOLR and the full SOLR query syntax and SOLR query parameters are available for use.

Data are stored across several compartments, or cores, and each can be queried independently. The cores provide many fields that can be searched on. For example, it is possible to search and filter by phenotyping centre, mouse colony, phenotype, and many other settings. Many of these filtering criteria are shared across the cores, so there are common data access patterns. There are, however, fields that are specific to each core.

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