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Non-programmatic data access

All data collected by the IMPC is freely availabe. Besides viewing in the web portal, it can also be downloaded for independent analysis or use as is. Several channels are available, each tailored for accessing data for individual items, small sets, or in bulk.

Data access through the web portal

Data on individual items – such as genes or experiments – are summarized on their dedicated pages in the web portal (gene or chart pages, respectively). Tables on those pages are connected with export links. Those export links create files that can be opened in a spreadsheet. Similarly, images and charts can also be downloaded and saved to your computer.

Data access using the batch query tool

For summary data for small subsets of genes, the batch query tool provides a convenient interface that can be customized using a web form. This can be used to download phenotyping status, significant phenotypes, and other fields.

Reports and data in bulk

Snapshots of the entire dataset captured at the time of data releases are available for bulk download via FTP ( One folder corresponds to the current data release, while the others allow for a historical perspective of previous data releases. The csv folder contains a dump of all the genotype to phenotype significant associations ascribed to Mammalian Phenotype (MP) ontology terms, based on the statistical analysis (performed using the PhenStat R package). “ALL”, “IMPC”, “EuroPhenome”, “MGP” and “3I” in the file names indicate different projects. The report folder contains a set of purpose-built reports that are intended for general use.

For programmatic data access, see next section.

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