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Production tracking – iMits and GenTaR

The IMPC new tracking system is GenTaR (Genome Targeting Repository) and is available since October 2020. A new tracking system was necessary in order to accomodate production using CRISPR.

Since 6th August 2021, GenTaR is fully replacing iMits (the International Micro-Injection Tracking System), the system that the IMPC was using, prior to GenTaR.

These tracking systems have a number of functionalities and play a key role in:

  • Coordinating the production of transgenic mice between high-throughput mouse producton facilities
  • Minimizing overlap and maximizing efficiencies
  • Capturing the intention to produce mutant mice targeting a particular gene
  • Recording progress of mouse production, about the mutation created and phenotyping performed on the mutant mouse line

GenTaR is the IMPC new tracking tool, and can be accessed here

iMits is available at and has been retired. Data entry has been stopped and it will remain as read only. All data in iMits has been moved to GenTaR; please visit GenTaR for the most up to date production infomation.

This post provies further information about GenTaR and iMits.

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