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The chart page displays the measurements for a specific parameter measured on an IMPC knockout line and the corresponding controls. Example: HDL cholesterol measured on Adartm1b(EUCOMM)Wtsi knockout mice. Chart pages can be accessed from the Gene and Phenotype pages by selecting a phenotype or measurement from the data tables or the measurements chart.

Description of the experiment

The description box indicates the number of control and mutant mice measured, as well as the mutant line (allele). Links on the right to IMPReSS provide further details. By clicking on the parameter being measured (Measured value), the MP terms that can be associated to this genotype, as a result of the experiment, are depicted. If the association is significant, this will be indicated at the top, next to Associated phenotype.


Each box depicts the median (the middle value of the dataset; Q2 or 50th percentile), the first (lower) quartile (Q1 or 25th percentile), and the third (upper) quartile (Q3 or 50th percentile). Whiskers extend 1.5 the Interquartile Range (IQR; the distance between the upper and lower quartile), below and above the box, up to the lowest or largest observed data point from the dataset that falls within this distance, respectively. The remaining data points are outliers, plotted as individual points.


Each point represents two variables in the data set, the value for the measured parameter (vertical axis) in a given mouse, and the date in which the parameter was measured (horizontal axis).

Statistical analysis

Results for the statistical analyses are depicted in the green box. When the P-value < 1 x 10^-4, a signficant genotype-phenotype association is made, and indicated on the top right corner, where the experiment performed is described. For continous variables, this P-value is the result of performing an analysis of variance (ANOVA) to compare the null model (a model that does not contain the genotype effect) with a general model (that includes the genotype effect). The other P-values are the individual effects from the general model. Summary statistics and details of the statistical model are provided. Please refer to the statistical analysis help pages for more information about this.


Graphs, XML files and all data in TSV and XLS format are available for download.

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