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Defining Protocols – IMPReSS

The standardized phenotyping protocols used to characterize mutant strains are coordinated and presented on The International Mouse Phenotyping Resource of Standardised Screens (IMPReSS). These protocols define how and when protocols are performed, what data is collected, how the data is structured and how data is analysed.

Originally launched in 2011, a new version of IMPReSS was released in 2019. Among other improvements, the new version facilitates capturing data for the Late Adult pipeline. IMPReSS is in active development allowing alterations and additions to the pipelines and procedures.

All the pipelines, procedures and parameters are defined on IMPReSS and in addition to names they all have identifiers which make data handling and tracking easier. The names and identifiers are displayed alongside each other on IMPReSS.

IMPReSS is the successor of The European Mouse Phenotyping Resource for Standardized Screens (EMPReSS), which developed more than a 150 standardized protocols for the characterization of mutant mouse strains across European research institutes (the EUMODIC and EUMORPHIA projects). EMPReSS was actively developed from 2002 until it was superseded by IMPReSS in 2011.

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