A Milestone: Over 2500 Publications Using IMPC Resources


Published 6th August 2019

As we approach 10 years since the inception of IMPC, there is cause for celebration as there are now over 2500 peer-reviewed publications that have relied upon IMPC resources.

The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium began with a goal of generating a null mutant for every gene in the mouse genome, and undertaking broad-based phenotyping for each one of these mouse lines. Since then, we have succeeded in creating a highly robust, quality controlled, comprehensive and open dataset of genome-phenome information for almost 6000 genes in the mouse genome.

The impact of our work can not only be seen in a number of recent consortium-led publications found in Nature, Nature Genetics and Nature Communications but also in the now over 2500 publications that have relied upon IMPC data and/or resources. The number of publications that make use of our rich data-set has grown year on year and we are proud to have contributed to research on hearing, eyesight, immunity, cardiology, cancer and much more.

the project is truly transformative for biomedical sciences and medicine

“The IMPC is generating a comprehensive catalogue of mammalian gene function, and illuminating the function of the many genes across the genome for which there is no or minimal understanding of their role in biology and disease. As such the consortium already has had an enormous impact on our understanding of the functional landscape of the mouse and human genomes” said Professor Steve Brown, chair of the IMPC. “This is no better exemplified than by the huge number of publications, now over 2500, that have arisen from the data and resources that IMPC have generated. It is a testament to the power and success of IMPC and underlines that the project is truly transformative for biomedical sciences and medicine.”

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Published 6th August 2019

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