Parameters for Procedure: Hematology IMPC_HEM_002

Procedure carried out on Week 16

Version Type Req. Upload Req. Analysis Annotation Increment Option Ontology Options Derived Unit Data Type
White blood cell count IMPC_HEM_001_001 1.3 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Red blood cell count IMPC_HEM_002_001 1.3 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         10^6/ul FLOAT
Hemoglobin IMPC_HEM_003_001 1.2 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         g/dl FLOAT
Hematocrit IMPC_HEM_004_001 1.0 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         % FLOAT
Mean cell volume IMPC_HEM_005_001 1.2 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         fl FLOAT
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin IMPC_HEM_006_001 1.1 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         pg FLOAT
Mean cell hemoglobin concentration IMPC_HEM_007_001 1.2 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         g/dl FLOAT
Platelet count IMPC_HEM_008_001 1.3 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Equipment ID IMPC_HEM_009_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                                 TEXT
Equipment manufacturer IMPC_HEM_010_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Scil animal care company GmbhDrew Scientific InstrumentBeckman CoulterSiemens Medical Solutions DiagnosticsSiemens Healthcare Diagnostics LtdSysmex Deutschland GmbHAbbot Laboratories         TEXT
Equipment model IMPC_HEM_011_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Advia 120Advia 2120Scil Vet abcHemavet 950 FSAc-T diff AnalyzerXT-2000iVCELL-DYN 3700Scil Vet abc Plus+         TEXT
Anesthesia used for blood collection IMPC_HEM_012_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Gas anaesthesia with IsofluoraneInjection narcosis with Ketamine (100mg/kg)/Xylazine (10mg/kg)Injection narcosis with Ketamine (100mg/kg)/Xylazine (10mg/kg)/Antipamezole (Antisedan, 1mg/kg)Injection narcosis with Ketamine (110mg/kg)/Xylazine (11mg/kg)Injection narcosis with Ketamine (110mg/kg)/Xylazine (11mg/kg)/ Antipamezole (Antisedan, 1mg/kg)Injection narcosis with Ketamine (137mg/kg)/Xylazine (6.6mg/kg)No anesthesiaInjection narcosis with Tribromoethanol (Avertin)         TEXT
Method of blood collection IMPC_HEM_013_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Cardiac punctureRetro-orbital punctureTail veinSaphenous vein         TEXT
Anticoagulant IMPC_HEM_014_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                         EDTAK(1)-EDTAK(2)-EDTAK(3)-EDTANo         TEXT
Samples kept on ice between collection and analysis IMPC_HEM_018_001 1.2 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 YesNo         TEXT
Storage temperature from blood collection until measurement IMPC_HEM_026_001 1.3 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 418-22222523         C TEXT
ID for blood collection SOP IMPC_HEM_020_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                         ESLIM_024_001sop.inv.019RIKENMPP_003a_003PHENO_CBCsop.inv.063         TEXT
Date and time of blood collection IMPC_HEM_021_001 1.2 procedureMetadata Tick                                         DATETIME
Chip card number IMPC_HEM_023_001 1.1 procedureMetadata         Tick                 C57/BL6 chip cardMouse Card (E0510051710)Mouse Card (E0401091230)No chip cardNo chip card (Advia analyser)         TEXT
Blood collection experimenter ID IMPC_HEM_024_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TEXT
Date equipment last calibrated IMPC_HEM_025_001 1.2 procedureMetadata                                                 DATE
Blood collection tubes IMPC_HEM_015_001 1.2 procedureMetadata                                 Kabe Labortechnik 200ul EDTAKabe Labortechnik 1ml EDTADrummond EDTA MicrocapsMicrovette 500 K3EEppendorf 1.7ml         TEXT
Date and time of sacrifice IMPC_HEM_016_001 1.3 procedureMetadata Tick                                         DATETIME
Blood analysis experimenter ID IMPC_HEM_017_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TEXT
Mean platelet volume IMPC_HEM_019_001 1.2 simpleParameter                 Tick                         fl FLOAT
Red blood cell distribution width IMPC_HEM_027_001 1.2 simpleParameter                 Tick                         % FLOAT
Fight wounds IMPC_HEM_028_001 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 YesNo         TEXT
Neutrophil differential count IMPC_HEM_029_001 1.3 simpleParameter                 Tick                         % FLOAT
Neutrophil cell count IMPC_HEM_030_001 1.3 simpleParameter                 Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Lymphocyte differential count IMPC_HEM_031_001 1.2 simpleParameter                 Tick                         % FLOAT
Lymphocyte cell count IMPC_HEM_032_001 1.3 simpleParameter                 Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Monocyte differential count IMPC_HEM_033_001 1.2 simpleParameter                 Tick                         % FLOAT
Monocyte cell count IMPC_HEM_034_001 1.3 simpleParameter                 Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Eosinophil differential count IMPC_HEM_035_001 1.2 simpleParameter                 Tick                         % FLOAT
Eosinophil cell count IMPC_HEM_036_001 1.3 simpleParameter                 Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Basophil cell count IMPC_HEM_037_001 1.1 simpleParameter                 Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Basophil differential count IMPC_HEM_038_001 1.0 simpleParameter                 Tick                         % FLOAT
Large Unstained Cell (LUC) count IMPC_HEM_039_001 1.0 simpleParameter                 Tick                         10^3/ul FLOAT
Large Unstained Cell (LUC) differential count IMPC_HEM_040_001 1.0 simpleParameter                 Tick                         % FLOAT
Sample clotted IMPC_HEM_041_001 1.1 simpleParameter         Tick                 YesNo         TEXT
Service-related calibration start date IMPC_HEM_042_001 1.0 procedureMetadata         Tick                                 DATE
LIH (Hemolysis Severity - available on AU analysers) IMPC_HEM_043_001 1.0 simpleParameter                                                 TEXT