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  • Release: 5.0
  • Published: 2 August 2016

Statistical Package

  • PhenStat
  • Version: 2.3.3

Genome Assembly

  • Mus musculus
  • Version: GRCm38


  • Number of phenotyped genes: 3,328
  • Number of phenotyped mutant lines: 3,532
  • Number of phenotype calls: 28,406

Data access


Data release 5.0

Release notes: Represents a major data release. Changes include:
  • Data for an additional 1000 phenotyped lines
  • Additional control data for Grip strength procedures (protocol IMPC_GRS). The following list of genes has had one or more phenotype associations removed:
    • Abca13, Aif1l, Aldob, Alg10b, Anapc13, Arhgap23, Btbd16, Ccdc64, Ccdc94, Cdkl2, Cilp, Col14a1, Cox5b, Cyp2ab1, Cyp7b1, Dact2, Dst, Foxj3, Gstcd, Gstm4, Hip1r, Igfbp7, Il12rb1, Kcng2, Lss, Mmp15, Mogs, Nanos2, Nxn, Patl1, Podn, Psca, Rad9a, Rims3, Rps19bp1, Scarb1, Serpinf1, Skiv2l, Smo, Spata5, Spdye4b, Sptssa, Tas2r131, Wdr59

Data Reports

Lines and Specimens

Phenotyping Center Mutant Lines Baseline Mice Mutant Mice
JAX 563 4,153 15,531
NING 157 1,321 2,337
TCP 291 4,692 12,426
HMGU 140 1,512 2,455
MRC Harwell 362 3,285 8,685
RBRC 42 1,217 972
ICS 129 1,306 1,990
WTSI 1,008 3,184 16,204
BCM 204 1,611 5,906
UC Davis 636 1,742 14,275

Experimental Data and Quality Checks

Data Type QC passed QC failed issues
categorical 8,107,737 930 * 10,766 *
unidimensional 5,938,585 8,081 * 154,942 *
time series 8,772,128 190 * 84,718 *
text 111,319 14,784 * 19,826 *
image record 270,804 0 0

* Excluded from statistical analysis.


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Allele Types

Mutation Name Mutant Lines
Targeted Mutation a 764
Targeted Mutation 1 921
Targeted Mutation b 1670
Targeted Mutation 2 5
Targeted Mutation c 2
Targeted Mutation d 1
Targeted Mutation e 52

Mouse knockout programs: KOMP,EUCOMM,NCOM,mirKO,IST12471H5

More charts and status information are available from iMits.

Phenotype Associations

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Phenotype Associations Overview

We provide a 'phenome' overview of statistically significant calls. By following the links below, you'll access the details of the phenotype calls for each center.

Phenotyping Center Significant MP Calls Pipeline
MRC HarwellBrowseHRWL_001
UC DavisBrowseUCD_001

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Methods

Data Statistical Method
categorical Fisher's exact test
unidimensional Wilcoxon rank sum test with continuity correction
unidimensional Mixed Model framework, generalized least squares, equation withoutWeight
unidimensional Mixed Model framework, linear mixed-effects model, equation withoutWeight

P-value distributions


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