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abnormal rectum morphology

Synonym: rectum dysplasia, rectum abnormalities

Definition: any structural anomaly of the terminal portion of the intestinal tube adjacent to the anus

abnormal eyelid morphology

Synonym: eyelid dysplasia, abnormal eye lid morphology, eyelid abnormalities, abnormal eyelids morphology, abnormal palpebra morphology, abnormal blephara morphology, abnormal blepharon morphology, abnormal palpebrae morphology

Definition: any structural anomaly of the skin folds covering the front of the eyeball

rectal prolapse


Definition: downward movement and external appearance of the rectum through the anus

increased corpus callosum size


Definition: larger thick bundle of nerve fibers comprising a commissural plate connecting the two cerebral hemispheres; it consists of contralateral axon projections that provides communications between the right and left cerebral hemispheres

increased KLRG1-positive T-helper cell number


Definition: increase in the number of CD4-positive alpha-beta T-helper cells expressing KLRG1, a marker associated with activation

abnormal basophil cell number


Definition: deviation of the count of the immature or mature forms of a granular leukocyte that in its mature form has an irregularly shaped, pale-staining nucleus that is partially constricted into two lobes, and with cytoplasm that contains coarse, bluish-black granules of variable size

abnormal monocyte cell number


Definition: any deviation in the count of the large, phagocytic mononuclear leukocytes produced in the vertebrate bone marrow and released into the blood

preweaning lethality, incomplete penetrance

Synonym: partial preweaning lethality

Definition: the appearance of lower than Mendelian ratios of organisms of a given genotype due to death of some, but not all of the organisms between fertilization and weaning age (Mus: approximately 3-4 weeks of age)

abnormal neutrophil cell number


Definition: deviation in the count of the immature or mature forms of a granular leukocyte that in its mature form has a nucleus with three to five lobes connected by slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing fine inconspicuous granules and stainable by neutral dyes

thick cerebellar granule layer

Synonym: thick internal granule layer, increased cerebellar granule layer width, thick IGL

Definition: increased thickness of the innermost cortical layer of the cerebellum that contains granule cells

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