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decreased memory-marker CD4-positive NK T cell number

Synonym: reduced memory-marker CD4-positive NK T cell number

Definition: reduction in the number of memory-marker CD4-positive NK T cells with a CD44+ CD62L- phenotype

retinal degeneration


Definition: retrogressive pathological change in the thin layer of neural tissue lining the back of the eyeball, which contains visual receptors and can result in the impairment or cessation of retinal neural function

enlarged urinary bladder

Synonym: increased urinary bladder size

Definition: increased size of the distensible musculomembranous organ that serves to collect and store urine excreted by the kidneys

decreased body temperature

Synonym: hypothermia, reduced body temperature

Definition: less than the level of heat natural to a living being

abnormal clavicle morphology

Synonym: abnormal collar bone morphology, clavicle dysplasia

Definition: any structural anomaly of the doubly curved long bone that forms part of the shoulder girdle and articulates with the sternum and the scapula

decreased cochlear VIII nucleus size

Synonym: reduced cochlear VIII nucleus size, decreased cochlear nucleus size, reduced cochlear nucleus size, small cochlear VIII nucleus

Definition: reduced size of two paired brainstem nuclei, the dorsal cochlear nucleus and the ventral cochlear nucleus, that lie dorsal and ventral, respectively, to the inferior cerebellar peduncle at the rostral pole of the medulla; the cochlear nuclei receive input from the cochlear nerve and send projections to the inferior colliculus, the medial geniculate, and other forebrain structures

abnormal testis weight

Synonym: abnormal testes weight

Definition: anomaly in the average weight of the male reproductive glands

abnormal cingulate cortex morphology


Definition: any structural anomaly of the thick belt of cortex encircling the corpus callosum that responsible for producing emotional responses to physical sensations of pain and for cognitive control

abnormal sleep behavior

Synonym: abnormal sleep behaviour

Definition: any anomaly in the actions, reactions, or performance of an organism during a periodic, readily reversible state of reduced awareness and metabolic activity

abnormal skeleton physiology

Synonym: abnormal bone/ skeleton physiology, bone/ skeletal physiology abnormalities

Definition: any functional anomaly of the bony framework of the body

Showing 1 to 10 of 1798 entries

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