Gene knock-out effect comparator

Visualize multiple strain across several continuous parameters used for multiple system phenotyping. The parameter measurement values are corrected to account for batch effects to represent the true genotype effect thus allowing a side by side comparison/visualisation. Only continuous parameters can be visualized using this methodology. Results are represented with a graph and a table. More information about the KO effect comparator and statistics.

How to use the tool?

Select one or several procedure(s) (link to impress) using the procedure filter tab. Additional optional filtering include phenotyping center or mouse gene list of interest selection. If no genes are selected, the tool will show all genes in IMPC for the selected procedure(s) and/or center selected.

The graph is interactive and allows filtering on each axis (parameter) by selecting the region of interest. Several regions of interests can be selected one by one.

Clicking on a chosen line on the graph or on a gene name from the table will highlight the corresponding gene. For a selected gene, if any significant phenotype is associated with a parameter, the parameter colour will change to orange. To remove all filters, click on the clear filter button. Export button allows to download the data in a table format.


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