Histopathology data for Pbld2

Score Definitions

Severity Score:

  • 0 = Normal,
  • 1 = Mild (observation barely perceptible and not believed to have clinical significance),
  • 2 = Moderate (observation visible but involves minor proportion of tissue and clinical consequences of observation are most likely subclinical),
  • 3 = Marked (observation clearly visible involves a significant proportion of tissue and is likely to have some clinical manifestations generally expected to be minor),
  • 4 = Severe (observation clearly visible involves a major proportion of tissue and clinical manifestations are likely associated with significant tissue dysfunction or damage)

Significance Score:

  • 0 = Not significant: Interpreted by the histopathologist to be a finding attributable to background strain (e.g. low-incidence hydrocephalus, microphthalmia) or incidental to mutant phenotype (e.g. hair-induced glossitis, focal hyperplasia, mild mononuclear cell infiltrate).
  • 1 = Significant: Interpreted by the histopathologist as a finding not attributable to background strain and not incidental to mutant phenotype.

Zyg Sex Mouse Tissue MPATH Process Term Severity Score Significance Score MPATH Diagnostic PATO Descriptor Free Text Images
HOM F #1 Urinary bladder [MA:0000380]
HOM F #1 Mammary gland [MA:0000145]
HOM F #1 Ovary [MA:0000384]
HOM F #1 Uterus [MA:0000389] 2 0 unilateral Endometritis

Associated histopathology images

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