Acoustic startle and Pre-pulse Inhibition (PPI) IMPC_ACS_001


Experimental Design






Version Type Req. Upload Req. Analysis Annotation Increment Option Ontology Options Derived Unit Data Type
Light level in chamber IMPC_ACS_011_001 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 27060953604000150         Lux INT
Date and time IMPC_ACS_012_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                                         DATETIME
Startle stimulus IMPC_ACS_015_001 1.2 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 110120         dB INT
Background noise IMPC_ACS_016_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 70655053         dB INT
Pre-pulse stimulus 1 IMPC_ACS_017_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 5567707456         dB INT
Pre-pulse stimulus 2 IMPC_ACS_018_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 6569757880825877         dB INT
Pre-pulse stimulus 3 IMPC_ACS_019_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 70738082859065         dB INT
Pre-pulse stimulus 4 IMPC_ACS_020_001 1.2 procedureMetadata         Tick                 75818590         dB INT
Inter PP-S stimulus interval IMPC_ACS_013_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 5012010080         ms INT
Inter-trial interval IMPC_ACS_021_001 1.3 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 random 20-30random 10-205025         s TEXT
Number of trials IMPC_ACS_022_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 610486080901058         INT
In-chamber adapt time IMPC_ACS_023_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                         5300         s INT
Stimulus order IMPC_ACS_024_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Pseudo-randomRandom         TEXT
Mouse chamber ID IMPC_ACS_025_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                                 TEXT
Equipment ID IMPC_ACS_026_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TEXT
Experimenter ID IMPC_ACS_014_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TEXT
Equipment manufacturer IMPC_ACS_027_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Med Associates Inc., VT, USASan Diego InstrumentsO'hara Co. Ltd.         TEXT
Equipment model IMPC_ACS_028_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Acoustic startle chambers MED-ASR-PRO1SR-LAB Startle Response SystemSR-4020Med Associates Acoustic Startle Model - Startle Cubicle (ENV 022S)Med Associates Acoustic Startle Model - Startle Cubicle (ENV 022S) (reconfigured)         TEXT
Software version IMPC_ACS_029_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                         Med Associates Startle Reflex Vers. 6.00SR LAB softwareAnimal Startle SR-9020Med Associates Startle Reflex Vers. 5.94Med Associates Startle Reflex Vers. 6.01         TEXT
Mouse chamber dimension IMPC_ACS_030_001 1.2 procedureMetadata Tick                         3 x 3.54 x 912 x 3.87.5 x 3.03.8 x 76 x 6 x 4.8         cm TEXT
Sound generator manufacturer IMPC_ACS_031_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                         Med Associates Inc., VT, USASan Diego InstrumentsO'hara Co. Ltd.         TEXT
Sound generator model IMPC_ACS_039_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                         PHM 255ASR-LAB Startle Response SystemSR1040SR-LAB CONTROL SRC000444SR-LAB CONTROL SRC000495         TEXT
Sound-proof box dimension IMPC_ACS_032_001 1.2 procedureMetadata Tick                         38.1 x 35.6 x 45.733 x 43 x 3328.5 x 28.5 x 3050.8 x 33 x 30.5cm32.2 x 34.5 x 46.363.5 x 40 x 42         cm TEXT
Date equipment last calibrated IMPC_ACS_038_001 1.2 procedureMetadata                                                 DATE