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ArfGAP with RhoGAP domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 1
Centd2,  2410002L19Rik

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The IMPC applies a panel of phenotyping screens to characterise single-gene knockout mice by comparison to wild types. Click on the different tabs to visualise significant phenotypes identified by the IMPC, as well as all data that was measured.

Phenotype System Allele Zyg Sex Life Stage P Value
short tibia Arap1tm1b(EUCOMM)Wtsi HOM Early adult 1.93×10-05
decreased lean body mass Arap1tm1(NCOM)Cmhd HOM Early adult 4.85×10-05
decreased pulmonary respiratory rate Arap1tm1b(EUCOMM)Wtsi HOM Early adult 2.26×10-05
decreased pulmonary ventilation Arap1tm1b(EUCOMM)Wtsi HOM Early adult 2.34×10-06

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Select physiological systems to view:
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lacZ Expression

An assay measuring the expression of lacZ shows the tissue where the gene is expressed.

Anatomy Images Zygosity Mutant Expr
Adrenal gland  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Aorta  Section images heterozygote 25% (1 of 4)
Brain  Wholemount images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Cecum  Wholemount images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Cerebellum  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Chest bone  Wholemount images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Colon  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Duodenum  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Epididymis  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Esophagus  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Eye  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Gall bladder  Wholemount images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Gonadal fat pad  Wholemount images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Harderian gland  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Ileum  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Jejunum  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Kidney  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Liver  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Lung  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Mesenteric lymph node  Wholemount images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Midbrain  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Olfactory lobe  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Ovary  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Oviduct  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Pancreas  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Parotid gland  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Penis  Section images heterozygote 25% (1 of 4)
Pituitary gland  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Prostate gland  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Quadriceps  Wholemount images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Spinal cord  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Spleen  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Stomach  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Sublingual gland  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Submandibular gland  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Testis  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Thymus  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 100% (4 of 4)
Thyroid gland  Wholemount images heterozygote 25% (1 of 4)
Tongue  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Trachea  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Urinary bladder  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 75% (3 of 4)
Uterus  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Vagina  Section images heterozygote 25% (1 of 4)
Vas deferens  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Vesicular gland  Wholemount images  Section images heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Blood N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Bone marrow N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Brainstem N/A heterozygote Not available
Brown adipose tissue N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Cartilage tissue N/A heterozygote Not available
Cerebral cortex N/A heterozygote Not available
Diaphragm N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Heart N/A heterozygote Not available
Hindlimb N/A heterozygote Not available
Hippocampus N/A heterozygote Not available
Hypothalamus N/A heterozygote Not available
Large intestine N/A heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Lower urinary tract N/A heterozygote Not available
Lymph node N/A heterozygote Not available
Mammary gland N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Mesenteric adipose tissue N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Parathyroid gland N/A heterozygote Not available
Peripheral nervous system N/A heterozygote Not available
Peyer's patch N/A heterozygote Not available
Sciatic nerve N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Skeletal muscle N/A heterozygote Not available
Skin N/A heterozygote 0.0% (0 of 4)
Small intestine N/A heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Stomach pyloric region N/A heterozygote Not available
Striatum N/A heterozygote Not available
Trigeminal V nerve N/A heterozygote 50% (2 of 4)
Vascular system N/A heterozygote Not available
White adipose tissue N/A heterozygote Not available
No Embryo expression data was found for this gene.

Background staining occurs in wild type mice and embryos at an incidental rate.

Anatomy Background staining in controls (WT)
adrenal gland 0.68% (4 of 585)
aorta 0.17% (1 of 585)
blood 0.0%
bone marrow 0.0%
brain 0.68% (4 of 585)
brainstem 0.34% (2 of 585)
brown adipose tissue 0.0%
cartilage tissue 0.17% (1 of 585)
cecum 3.23% (12 of 371)
cerebellum 0.51% (3 of 585)
cerebral cortex 0.34% (2 of 585)
chest bone Unavailable
colon 9.45% (12 of 127)
diaphragm 0.0%
duodenum 1.57% (2 of 127)
epididymis 13.43% (18 of 134)
esophagus 1.71% (7 of 409)
eye 0.0%
gall bladder 0.0%
gonadal fat pad 0.0%
harderian gland 0.0%
heart 0.34% (2 of 585)
hindlimb 0.0%
hippocampus 0.51% (3 of 585)
hypothalamus 0.34% (2 of 585)
ileum 11.02% (14 of 127)
jejunum 4.72% (6 of 127)
kidney 3.59% (21 of 585)
large intestine 1.71% (10 of 585)
liver 0.0%
lower urinary tract 0.17% (1 of 585)
lung 0.34% (2 of 585)
lymph node 0.17% (1 of 585)
mammary gland 0.0%
mesenteric adipose tissue 0.0%
mesenteric lymph node 0.0%
midbrain 0.0%
olfactory lobe 0.34% (2 of 585)
ovary 0.17% (1 of 585)
oviduct 0.0%
pancreas 0.85% (5 of 585)
parathyroid gland 0.18% (1 of 563)
parotid gland 0.0%
penis 0.0%
peripheral nervous system 0.34% (2 of 585)
peyers patch 0.0%
pituitary gland 0.17% (1 of 585)
prostate gland 2.05% (12 of 585)
quadriceps 0.0%
sciatic nerve 0.0%
skeletal muscle 0.0%
skin 0.17% (1 of 585)
small intestine 1.54% (9 of 585)
spinal cord 0.51% (3 of 585)
spleen 0.51% (3 of 585)
stomach 2.22% (13 of 585)
stomach pyloric region 0.0%
striatum 0.51% (3 of 585)
sublingual gland 0.0%
submandibular gland 1.52% (2 of 132)
testis 1.03% (6 of 585)
thymus 0.17% (1 of 585)
thyroid gland 2.91% (17 of 585)
tongue 3.94% (5 of 127)
trachea 0.51% (3 of 585)
trigeminal v nerve 0.0%
urinary bladder 0.0%
uterus 0.0%
vagina 0.0%
vas deferens 3.93% (15 of 382)
vascular system 0.0%
vesicular gland 0.0%
white adipose tissue 0.0%
No Embryo expression data was found for this gene.

Associated Images

Images submitted by IMPC centres for a selection of procedures. Each set of images is available to view in our image comparator.


XRay Images Skull Lateral Orientation

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Adult LacZ

LacZ Images Wholemount

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XRay Images Forepaw

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Adult LacZ

LacZ Images Section

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XRay Images Whole Body Lateral Orientation

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XRay Images Whole Body Dorso Ventral

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XRay Images Skull Dorso Ventral Orientation

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XRay Images Hind Leg and Hip

12 Images

Human diseases caused by Arap1 mutations

The analysis uses data from IMPC, along with published data on other mouse mutants, in comparison to human disease reports in OMIM, Orphanet, and DECIPHER.

Phenotype comparisons summarize the similarity of mouse phenotypes with human disease phenotypes.

No human diseases associated to this gene by orthology or annotation.

The table below shows human diseases predicted to be associated to Arap1 by phenotypic similarity.

Disease Similarity of
Matching phenotypes Source
Syndactyly Type 4
Toe syndactyly, 6 metacarpals, Foot polydactyly, Triphalangeal thumb, Hand polydactyly, 1-5 finge... ORPHA:93405
Acromesomelic Dysplasia 2C
Acromesomelia, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Shortening of all middle phalanges of the fingers, Fibular... OMIM:201250
Tibia, Hypoplasia Or Aplasia Of, With Polydactyly
Absent tibia, Triphalangeal thumb, Preaxial polydactyly, Short tibia, Fibular duplication OMIM:188740
Acromesomelic Dysplasia 2A
Acromesomelia, Pes valgus, Valgus hand deformity, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Fibular hypoplasia, Sho... OMIM:200700
Fibular Aplasia, Tibial Campomelia, And Oligosyndactyly Syndrome
Hand oligodactyly, Tibial bowing, Foot oligodactyly, Fibular aplasia, Short tibia, Syndactyly OMIM:246570
Chondrodysplasia Punctata, Tibia-Metacarpal Type
Short 4th metacarpal, Epiphyseal stippling, Micromelia, Limb undergrowth, Short tibia, Short long... OMIM:118651
Osebold-Remondini Syndrome
Broad toe, Carpal synostosis, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Bipartite calcaneus, Fibular hypoplasia, Ty... OMIM:112910
Tibial Torsion, Bilateral Medial
Tibial torsion, Bowing of the legs, Abnormality of tibia morphology OMIM:188800
Acromesomelic Dysplasia, Grebe Type
Brachydactyly, Bowing of the long bones, Synostosis of carpal bones, Fibular hypoplasia, Aplasia/... ORPHA:2098
Acrocapitofemoral Dysplasia
Small finger, Genu varum, Delayed ossification of carpal bones, Cone-shaped metacarpal epiphyses,... OMIM:607778
Mesomelic Dwarfism Of Hypoplastic Tibia And Radius Type
Hypoplasia of the radius, Pseudoarthrosis, Short tibia OMIM:156230
Gollop-Wolfgang Complex
Bifid femur, Ectrodactyly, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the tibia, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the ulna, Hand ... ORPHA:1986
Langer Mesomelic Dysplasia
Rudimentary fibula, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Short femoral neck, Hypoplasia of the radius, Microgn... OMIM:249700
Aplasia of the phalanges of the hand, Absent radius, Peromelia, Aplasia of the tarsal bones, Abse... OMIM:200500
Lethal Faciocardiomelic Dysplasia
Hypoplasia of the ulna, Fibular hypoplasia, Radial club hand, Sandal gap, Short 5th finger, Hypop... ORPHA:1972
Leri-Weill Dyschondrosteosis
Dorsal subluxation of ulna, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Coxa valga, Abnormal femoral neck morphology,... OMIM:127300
Mesomelic Dysplasia, Savarirayan Type
Dislocated radial head, Abnormal foot morphology, Fibular aplasia, Talipes equinovalgus, Short ti... OMIM:605274
Cholesterol Pneumonia
Tachypnea, Pneumonia, Cough OMIM:215030
Chondrodysplasia, Lethal, With Long Bone Angulation And Mixed Bone Density
Hypoplasia of the ulna, Fibular hypoplasia, Hypoplasia of the radius, Lytic defects of humeral di... OMIM:601376
Léri-Weill Dyschondrosteosis
Abnormal hip bone morphology, Genu varum, Abnormality of the ulna, Clinodactyly of the 5th finger... ORPHA:240
Blount Disease
Abnormality of the proximal tibial epiphysis, Tibial bowing, Abnormality of the knee, Abnormality... ORPHA:2768
Laurin-Sandrow Syndrome
Absent radius, Absent tibia, Triphalangeal thumb, Hand polydactyly, Broad foot, Fibular duplicati... OMIM:135750
Fibular Hemimelia
Fibular hypoplasia, Limited knee flexion/extension, Short tibia, Increased laxity of ankles, Shor... ORPHA:93323
Dyschondrosteosis And Nephritis
Ulnar bowing, Radial bowing, Short tibia, Short forearm OMIM:127350
Skeletal Defects, Genital Hypoplasia, And Impaired Intellectual Development
Absent thumb, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Fibular hypoplasia, Short tibia, Short femur, Aplasia/Hypop... OMIM:612447
Endove Syndrome, Limb-Only Type
Aplasia of the distal phalanges of the toes, Disproportionate shortening of the tibia, 3-4 finger... OMIM:619217
Orofaciodigital Syndrome Viii
Syndactyly, Recurrent aspiration pneumonia, Short tibia, Polydactyly OMIM:300484
Respiratory Distress Syndrome In Premature Infants
Tachypnea, Dyspnea, Atelectasis, Respiratory distress, Neonatal respiratory distress OMIM:267450
Tibial Hemimelia-Polysyndactyly-Triphalangeal Thumb Syndrome
Synostosis of carpal bones, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the thumb, Abnormality of fibula morphology, Ap... ORPHA:988
Femur, Unilateral Bifid, With Monodactylous Ectrodactyly
Absent tibia, Foot monodactyly, Bifid femur, Aplasia of the ulna, Split hand, Hand monodactyly OMIM:228250
Fatco Syndrome
Finger syndactyly, Abnormality of fibula morphology, Absent hand, Abnormality of tibia morphology... ORPHA:2492
Joubert Syndrome 23
Apnea, Tachypnea, Polydactyly OMIM:616490
Orofaciodigital Syndrome Type 10
Hypoplasia of proximal radius, Preaxial polydactyly, Mesomelic leg shortening, Oligodactyly, Micr... ORPHA:2756
Butyrylcholinesterase Deficiency
Apnea OMIM:617936
Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia, Missouri Type
Genu varum, Metaphyseal irregularity, Flattened epiphysis, Knee osteoarthritis, Tibial bowing, Fl... ORPHA:93356
Surfactant Metabolism Dysfunction, Pulmonary, 4
Restrictive ventilatory defect, Reduced forced expiratory volume in one second, Tachypnea, Reduce... OMIM:300770
Split-Hand/Foot Malformation With Long Bone Deficiency 1
Aplasia of the 3rd finger, Absent tibia, Short hallux, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the ulna, Split hand... OMIM:119100
Tibial Aplasia-Ectrodactyly Syndrome
Brachydactyly, Finger syndactyly, Fibular hypoplasia, Split hand, Abnormality of fibula morpholog... ORPHA:3329
Tibial Hemimelia
Radial club hand, Mesomelic leg shortening, Short tibia, Increased laxity of ankles, Hip dysplasi... ORPHA:93322
Stuve-Wiedemann Syndrome 1
Talipes, Micrognathia, Short tibia, Bowing of the long bones, Metaphyseal rarefaction, Absent pat... OMIM:601559
Acromesomelic Dysplasia 2B
Brachydactyly, Deformed tarsal bones, Deviation of finger, Fibular hypoplasia, Rhizomelia, Short ... OMIM:228900
Chronic Pneumonitis Of Infancy
Hypoxemia, Tachypnea, Reduced forced vital capacity, Cough, Hyperventilation, Respiratory distres... ORPHA:91359
Acrofacial Dysostosis Syndrome Of Rodriguez
Clinodactyly, Fibular hypoplasia, 11 pairs of ribs, Triphalangeal thumb, Oligodactyly, Micrognath... OMIM:201170
Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
Nonproductive cough, Recurrent pneumonia, Tracheomalacia, Tachypnea, Dyspnea, Atelectasis, Upper ... ORPHA:60032
Atelosteogenesis Type Iii
Vertebral hypoplasia, Absent humerus, Absent radius, Laryngotracheomalacia, Epiphyseal stippling ... ORPHA:56305
Hereditary Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
Respiratory failure requiring assisted ventilation, Restrictive ventilatory defect, Hypoxemia, Cr... ORPHA:264675
Mesomelic Dysplasia, Savarirayan Type
Flared radial metaphysis, Narrow iliac wing, Broad tibial metaphyses, Hypoplasia of proximal radi... ORPHA:85170
Tibia, Absence Of, With Congenital Deafness
Absent tibia OMIM:275230
Fibular Aplasia Or Hypoplasia, Femoral Bowing And Poly-, Syn-, And Oligodactyly
Clinodactyly, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the 5th finger, Hypoplastic iliac wing, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of... OMIM:228930
Abnormality of epiphysis morphology, Absent radius, Aplasia of the ulna, Fibular aplasia, Abnorma... ORPHA:931
Tibial Hemimelia
Absent tibia OMIM:275220
Brachydactyly-Ectrodactyly With Fibular Aplasia Or Hypoplasia
Brachydactyly, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the fibula, Short phalanx of finger, Fibular aplasia, Split ... OMIM:113310
Autoimmune Interstitial Lung, Joint, And Kidney Disease
Restrictive ventilatory defect, Tachypnea, Cough, Dyspnea, Decreased DLCO OMIM:616414
Interstitial Pneumonitis, Desquamative, Familial
Respiratory failure, Tachypnea, Cough, Respiratory distress OMIM:263000
Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia, Schmid Type
Genu varum, Enlargement of the proximal femoral epiphysis, Broad middle phalanx of finger, Metaph... OMIM:156500
Eiken Syndrome
Metaphyseal irregularity, Abnormal fingertip morphology, Short palm, Delayed epiphyseal ossificat... ORPHA:79106
Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia With Robin Phenotype
Brachydactyly, Flat capital femoral epiphysis, Irregular epiphyses, Flattened epiphysis, Prominen... OMIM:601560
Osteofibrous Dysplasia, Susceptibility To
Pseudoarthrosis, Fibular hypoplasia OMIM:607278
Orofaciodigital Syndrome Iv
Brachydactyly, Clinodactyly, Toe syndactyly, Foot polydactyly, Hand polydactyly, Micrognathia, Sh... OMIM:258860
Short Rib-Polydactyly Syndrome
Abnormal ilium morphology, Abnormal pelvis bone morphology, Metaphyseal spurs, Cone-shaped epiphy... ORPHA:1505
Fibular Dimelia-Diplopodia Syndrome
Absent tibia ORPHA:1757
Weismann-Netter Syndrome
Bowing of the long bones, Abnormal hip bone morphology, Abnormality of the ulna, Tibial bowing, A... ORPHA:3344
Orofaciodigital Syndrome Ix
Toe syndactyly, Hand polydactyly, Short tibia, Camptodactyly, Recurrent aspiration pneumonia OMIM:258865
Metaphyseal Dysplasia, Braun-Tinschert Type
Upper limb metaphyseal widening, Flared femoral metaphysis, Broad femoral neck, Deformed humerus,... ORPHA:85188
Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia, Lowry Type
Brachydactyly, Flattened epiphysis, Fibular hypoplasia, Dislocated radial head, Rhizomelia, Micro... ORPHA:166016
Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, Congenital, 3
Apnea, Respiratory failure, Central hypoventilation OMIM:619483
Acromesomelic Dysplasia 3
Brachydactyly, Carpal synostosis, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Widened proximal tibial metaphyses, Apl... OMIM:609441
Joubert Syndrome 7
Neonatal breathing dysregulation, Episodic tachypnea, Tachypnea, Postaxial hand polydactyly, Cent... OMIM:611560
Congenital Disorder Of Glycosylation, Type Ig
Short ribs, Sandal gap, Rhizomelia, Hypoplasia of the radius, Short tibia, Short humerus, Talipes... OMIM:607143
Ulna And Fibula, Hypoplasia Of
Hypoplasia of the ulna, Fibular hypoplasia OMIM:191400
Microcephaly-Micromelia Syndrome
Absent radius, Oligodactyly, Micrognathia, Micromelia, Short tibia, Humeroradial synostosis, Fore... OMIM:251230
Laurin-Sandrow Syndrome
Toe syndactyly, Talipes, Finger syndactyly, Absent radius, Absent tibia, Mirror image polydactyly... ORPHA:2378
Mesomelic Dwarfism, Reinhardt-Pfeiffer Type
Synostosis of carpal bones, Abnormality of the ulna, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Fibular hypoplasia, ... ORPHA:2634
Obesity-Hypoventilation Syndrome
Hypoventilation OMIM:257500
Surfactant Metabolism Dysfunction, Pulmonary, 2
Clubbing, Recurrent pneumonia, Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, Hypoxemia, Interstitial pneumo... OMIM:610913
Faciocardiomelic Dysplasia, Lethal
Hypoplasia of the ulna, Talipes, Fibular hypoplasia, Short 5th finger, Hypoplasia of the radius, ... OMIM:227270
Robin Sequence With Cleft Mandible And Limb Anomalies
Fibular hypoplasia, Short metacarpal, Clinodactyly of the 5th finger, Tibial deviation of toes, S... OMIM:268305
Joubert Syndrome 30
Apnea, Postaxial hand polydactyly, Tachypnea OMIM:617622
Primary Pulmonary Hypoplasia
Restrictive ventilatory defect, Hypoxemia, Patellar hypoplasia, Asthma, Abnormal breath sound, Ta... ORPHA:2257
Methionine Malabsorption Syndrome
Tachypnea OMIM:250900
Metaphyseal Acroscyphodysplasia
Brachydactyly, Genu varum, Cone-shaped metacarpal epiphyses, Coxa valga, Short palm, Cone-shaped ... OMIM:250215
Microphthalmia With Limb Anomalies
Abnormal thumb morphology, Fibular hypoplasia, Sandal gap, Clinodactyly of the 5th finger, Microg... ORPHA:1106
Aplasia/hypoplasia involving bones of the extremities, Coxa valga, Abnormality of long bone morph... ORPHA:356961
Hydrocephalus With Associated Malformations
Abnormal foot morphology, Tibial bowing, Micrognathia, Lower limb undergrowth, Short lower limbs OMIM:236640
Vitamin D-Dependent Rickets, Type 2B, With Normal Vitamin D Receptor
Bowing of the long bones, Genu varum, Bulging epiphyses, Metaphyseal irregularity, Tibial bowing,... OMIM:600785
Infant Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Pneumonia, Hypoxemia, Respiratory failure, Tachypnea, Atelectasis, Nasal flaring ORPHA:70587
Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia, Missouri Type
Genu varum, Flattened epiphysis, Flared iliac wing, Rhizomelia, Tibial bowing, Metaphyseal cuppin... OMIM:602111
Orofaciodigital Syndrome Type 2
Finger syndactyly, Broad first metatarsal, Y-shaped metacarpals, Cone-shaped epiphyses of the pha... ORPHA:2751
Neonatal Acute Respiratory Distress Due To Sp-B Deficiency
Interstitial pneumonitis, Tachypnea, Pulmonary arterial hypertension, Chronic lung disease, Spont... ORPHA:217563
Surfactant Metabolism Dysfunction, Pulmonary, 1
Clubbing, Respiratory failure, Tachypnea, Dyspnea, Pulmonary arterial hypertension, Neonatal resp... OMIM:265120
Staphylococcal Necrotizing Pneumonia
Nonproductive cough, Pneumonia, Hypoxemia, Tachypnea, Respiratory failure, Cough, Pleural effusio... ORPHA:36238
Grant Syndrome
Tibial bowing, Down-sloping shoulders, Micrognathia OMIM:138930
Clubfoot, Congenital, With Or Without Deficiency Of Long Bones And/Or Mirror-Image Polydactyly
Bilateral talipes equinovarus, Patellar hypoplasia, Absent tibia, Talipes equinovarus, Mirror ima... OMIM:119800
Athabaskan Brainstem Dysgenesis Syndrome
Central hypoventilation OMIM:601536
Ulnar/Fibular Ray Defect And Brachydactyly
Brachydactyly, Toe syndactyly, Bilateral talipes equinovarus, Unilateral ulnar hypoplasia, Fibula... OMIM:608571
Brachyphalangy, Polydactyly, And Tibial Aplasia/Hypoplasia
Fibular hypoplasia, Mesomelic leg shortening, Micrognathia, Hypoplastic iliac wing, Short toe, Ha... OMIM:609945
Osteosclerosis With Ichthyosis And Fractures
Cortical thickening of long bone diaphyses, Tibial bowing, Femoral bowing OMIM:166740
Caffey Disease
Bowing of the legs, Tibial bowing, Periosteal thickening of long tubular bones OMIM:114000
Short-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia 3 With Or Without Polydactyly
Brachydactyly, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Short long bone, Fibular hypoplasia, Short ribs, Absent ti... OMIM:613091
Shox-Related Short Stature
Ulnar radial head dislocation, Tibial bowing, Micrognathia, Lower limb undergrowth, Forearm under... ORPHA:314795
Mitochondrial Complex I Deficiency, Nuclear Type 9
Hypoventilation, Breathing dysregulation OMIM:618232
Acute Lung Injury
Pneumonia, Hypoxemia, Respiratory failure, Tachypnea, Dyspnea, Respiratory distress ORPHA:178320
Spondylometaphyseal Dysplasia, Megarbane-Dagher-Melki Type
Hypoplastic ischia, Short ribs, Tachypnea, Squared iliac bones, Metaphyseal cupping, Pulmonary ar... OMIM:613320
Succinyl-Coa:3-Oxoacid-Coa Transferase Deficiency
Tachypnea OMIM:245050
Femoral-Facial Syndrome
Abnormality of pelvic girdle bone morphology, Preaxial foot polydactyly, Abnormality of fibula mo... ORPHA:1988
Spondylometaphyseal Dysplasia With Cone-Rod Dystrophy
Brachydactyly, Metaphyseal irregularity, Hypoplastic inferior ilia, Short metacarpal, Rhizomelia,... OMIM:608940
Encephalopathy, Neonatal Severe, Due To Mecp2 Mutations
Apnea, Central hypoventilation, Respiratory insufficiency OMIM:300673
Surfactant Metabolism Dysfunction, Pulmonary, 3
Clubbing, Paraseptal emphysema, Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, Hypoxemia, Tachypnea, Respira... OMIM:610921
Ophthalmomandibulomelic Dysplasia
Coxa valga, Fibular hypoplasia, Ulnar deviated club hands, Lateral humeral condyle aplasia, Radia... OMIM:164900
Idiopathic Neonatal Atrial Flutter
Tachypnea, Respiratory distress ORPHA:45452
Choreoathetosis And Congenital Hypothyroidism With Or Without Pulmonary Dysfunction
Restrictive ventilatory defect, Hypoxemia, Oxygen desaturation on exertion, Asthma, Crackles, Tac... OMIM:610978
Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Distal, Autosomal Recessive, 1
Respiratory failure, Tachypnea, Inspiratory stridor, Camptodactyly of finger, Talipes equinovarus... OMIM:604320
Phocomelia-Ectrodactyly, Ear Malformation, Deafness, And Sinus Arrhythmia
Genu varum, Shoulder dislocation, Phocomelia, Absent radius, Fibular hypoplasia, Aplasia/Hypoplas... OMIM:171480
Acute Interstitial Pneumonia
Nonproductive cough, Hypoxemia, Crackles, Tachypnea, Respiratory failure, Pleural effusion, Bronc... ORPHA:79126
Thrombocytopenia-Absent Radius Syndrome
Genu varum, Coxa valga, Phocomelia, Absent radius, Finger syndactyly, Clinodactyly of the 5th fin... ORPHA:3320
Omodysplasia 1
Fibular hypoplasia, Rhizomelia, Increased fibular diameter, Limited knee flexion, Micrognathia, L... OMIM:258315
Mitochondrial Complex I Deficiency, Nuclear Type 10
Apnea, Respiratory failure, Central hypoventilation OMIM:618233
Atypical Rett Syndrome
Episodic tachypnea, Abnormal pattern of respiration, Sudden episodic apnea, Small hand, Short foot ORPHA:3095
Kagami-Ogata Syndrome Due To Paternal Uniparental Disomy Of Chromosome 14
Abnormal distal phalanx morphology of finger, Metaphyseal spurs, Micrognathia, Hypoplastic iliac ... ORPHA:96334
Orofaciodigital Syndrome X
Coalescence of tarsal bones, Preaxial hand polydactyly, Fibular aplasia, Hand oligodactyly OMIM:165590
Otopalatodigital Syndrome, Type Ii
Short thumb, Micrognathia, Bulbous tips of toes, Irregular metacarpals, Short ribs, Broad hallux,... OMIM:304120
Cardiocranial Syndrome, Pfeiffer Type
Slender finger, Contracture of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the 2nd finger, Plantar flex... ORPHA:2872
Myopathy, Myofibrillar, 9, With Early Respiratory Failure
Achilles tendon contracture, Nocturnal hypoventilation, Respiratory failure, Reduced vital capaci... OMIM:603689
Microphthalmia With Limb Anomalies
Toe syndactyly, Hand oligodactyly, Postaxial foot polydactyly, Fibular hypoplasia, 4-5 metacarpal... OMIM:206920
Short-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia 20 With Polydactyly
Hypoplastic pubic bone, Short long bone, Fibular hypoplasia, Short ribs, Preaxial polydactyly, Mi... OMIM:617925
Joubert Syndrome 9
Apnea, Episodic tachypnea OMIM:612285
Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen Disease
Genu varum, Pes planus, Clinodactyly of the 5th finger, Rhizomelic arm shortening, Hypoplastic il... OMIM:223800
Tibia, Absence Or Hypoplasia Of, With Polydactyly, Retrocerebellar Arachnoid Cyst, And Other Anomalies
Postaxial foot polydactyly, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the tibia, Talipes equinovarus, Radial bowing, ... OMIM:601027
Short-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia 6 With Or Without Polydactyly
Brachydactyly, Disproportionate shortening of the tibia, Short ribs, Postaxial polysyndactyly of ... OMIM:263520
Postpoliomyelitis Syndrome
Hypoventilation, Respiratory insufficiency ORPHA:2942
Eiken Syndrome
Clinodactyly, Flattened epiphysis, Delayed ossification of carpal bones, Type A1 brachydactyly, F... OMIM:600002
Craniosynostosis With Fibular Aplasia
Fibular aplasia OMIM:218550
Brachytelephalangic Chondrodysplasia Punctata
Respiratory failure requiring assisted ventilation, Calcaneal epiphyseal stippling, Vertebral hyp... ORPHA:79345
Multiple Carboxylase Deficiency
Tachypnea, Respiratory distress ORPHA:148
X-Linked Cerebral-Cerebellar-Coloboma Syndrome
Episodic tachypnea, Apneic episodes in infancy, Micrognathia ORPHA:163961
Brachymesomelia-Renal Syndrome
Fibular hypoplasia, Hypoplasia of the radius, Micrognathia, Ulnar bowing, Mesomelic arm shortening OMIM:113470
Muscular Dystrophy, Duchenne Type
Hypoventilation, Respiratory failure, Respiratory insufficiency, Calf muscle pseudohypertrophy OMIM:310200
Campomelic Dysplasia
Bowing of the long bones, Hypoplastic inferior ilia, Tracheomalacia, Fibular hypoplasia, 11 pairs... ORPHA:140
Hypophosphatemic Rickets, X-Linked Dominant
Bowing of the legs, Metaphyseal irregularity, Abnormality of pelvic girdle bone morphology, Trape... OMIM:307800
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
Tachypnea, Osteolytic defects of the middle phalanx of the 4th toe, Dyspnea ORPHA:765
Citrullinemia Type I
Tachypnea, Ankle clonus ORPHA:247525
Avian Influenza
Nonproductive cough, Pneumonia, Hypoxemia, Tachypnea, Respiratory failure, Cough, Pleural effusio... ORPHA:454836
Acrofacial Dysostosis, Rodríguez Type
Abnormality of pelvic girdle bone morphology, Finger syndactyly, Hand oligodactyly, Fibular hypop... ORPHA:1788
Methylmalonic Aciduria And Homocystinuria, Cblj Type
Pulmonary arterial hypertension, Tachypnea, Micrognathia OMIM:614857
Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy 2
Nocturnal hypoventilation OMIM:616470
Joubert Syndrome With Jeune Asphyxiating Thoracic Dystrophy
Brachydactyly, Abnormal 5th metacarpal morphology, Small cervical vertebral bodies, Short ribs, R... ORPHA:397715
Mitochondrial Complex Iv Deficiency, Nuclear Type 13
Tachypnea OMIM:616501
Atelosteogenesis, Type I
Vertebral hypoplasia, Talipes, 11 pairs of ribs, Micrognathia, Brachydactyly, Short humerus, Club... OMIM:108720
Joubert Syndrome 3
Episodic tachypnea, Neonatal breathing dysregulation, Central apnea OMIM:608629
Growth Delay-Hydrocephaly-Lung Hypoplasia Syndrome
Bowing of the long bones, Abnormality of fibula morphology, Tibial bowing, Micrognathia, Abnormal... ORPHA:3035
Perry Syndrome
Hypoventilation, Respiratory arrest, Central hypoventilation, Respiratory insufficiency OMIM:168605
Myasthenic Syndrome, Congenital, 20, Presynaptic
Apnea, Hypoventilation, Stridor OMIM:617143
Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere Syndrome 1
Nocturnal hypoventilation, Dyspnea, Stridor, Respiratory distress, Respiratory insufficiency, Ank... OMIM:211530
Severe Neonatal Hypotonia-Seizures-Encephalopathy Syndrome Due To 5Q31.3 Microdeletion
Apnea, Recurrent pneumonia, Micrognathia, Polydactyly, Respiratory distress, Hypoventilation, Asp... ORPHA:314655
Perry Syndrome
Central hypoventilation ORPHA:178509
Holocarboxylase Synthetase Deficiency
Tachypnea, Respiratory distress ORPHA:79242
Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis
Nonproductive cough, Restrictive ventilatory defect, Hypoxemia, Oxygen desaturation on exertion, ... ORPHA:60025
Muscular Dystrophy-Dystroglycanopathy (Limb-Girdle), Type C, 5
Achilles tendon contracture, Restrictive ventilatory defect, Nocturnal hypoventilation, Reduced f... OMIM:607155
Boomerang Dysplasia
Fibular aplasia, Hypoplastic iliac body, Absent radius OMIM:112310
Holocarboxylase Synthetase Deficiency
Tachypnea, Hyperventilation OMIM:253270
Campomelic Dysplasia
Narrow iliac wing, Absent sternal ossification, Tracheomalacia, Fibular hypoplasia, Pes planus, 1... OMIM:114290
Mitochondrial Complex Iii Deficiency, Nuclear Type 5
Episodic tachypnea OMIM:615160
Joubert Syndrome With Oculorenal Defect
Apnea, Tachypnea, Foot polydactyly, Hand polydactyly ORPHA:2318
Kyphomelic Dysplasia
Short metacarpal, Tibial bowing, Dumbbell-shaped humerus, Micrognathia, Micromelia, Ulnar bowing,... OMIM:211350
Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, Congenital, 1
Hypoventilation, Hypoxemia, Nocturnal hypoventilation, Hypercapnia, Apnea, Central hypoventilation OMIM:209880
Fibrochondrogenesis 1
Hypoplastic ischia, Short palm, Fibular hypoplasia, Posterior vertebral hypoplasia, Clinodactyly ... OMIM:228520
Acro-Renal-Mandibular Syndrome
Rudimentary fibula, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Finger syndactyly, Hypoplastic scapulae, Hypoplasia o... ORPHA:958
Acromelic Frontonasal Dysplasia
Patellar hypoplasia, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the tibia, Upper airway obstruction, Talipes equinovar... ORPHA:1827
Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
Apnea, Aspiration pneumonia, Episodic tachypnea ORPHA:79264
Proximal Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Distal lower limb muscle weakness, Restrictive ventilatory defect, Absent patellar reflexes, Resp... ORPHA:70
Short-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia 1 With Or Without Polydactyly
Brachydactyly, Irregular epiphyses, Metaphyseal irregularity, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Foot polyda... OMIM:208500
Carbonic Anhydrase Va Deficiency, Hyperammonemia Due To
Tachypnea OMIM:615751
Severe Achondroplasia-Developmental Delay-Acanthosis Nigricans Syndrome
Tibial bowing, Metaphyseal chondrodysplasia, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the mandible, Fibular bowing, ... ORPHA:85165
Mitochondrial Complex Iv Deficiency, Nuclear Type 5
Tachypnea OMIM:220111
Joubert Syndrome
Foot polydactyly, Episodic tachypnea, Hand polydactyly, Abnormal pattern of respiration, Apnea ORPHA:475
Renal Dysplasia-Limb Defects Syndrome
Phocomelia, Short sternum, Short ribs, Short metacarpal, Respiratory failure, Hypoplasia of the r... OMIM:266910
Cousin Syndrome
Hypoplastic ischia, Toe syndactyly, Hypoplastic pubic bone, 4-5 toe syndactyly, 2-3 toe syndactyl... OMIM:260660
Synaptic Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes
Sleep apnea, Respiratory insufficiency, Pulmonary arterial hypertension, Exertional dyspnea, Abno... ORPHA:98915
Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase Deficiency
Apneic episodes in infancy, Episodic tachypnea, Dyspnea, Respiratory distress, Intermittent hyper... ORPHA:348
Phocomelia, Schinzel Type
Bowing of the long bones, Talipes, Hand oligodactyly, Aplasia/Hypoplasia involving the pelvis, Hy... ORPHA:2879
Congenital Disorder Of Glycosylation, Type Iib
Hypoventilation, Hand clenching, Overlapping fingers OMIM:606056
Coronary Arterial Fistula
Tachypnea, Pulmonary arterial hypertension, Orthopnea, Exertional dyspnea, Pedal edema ORPHA:2041
Tachypnea, Respiratory distress ORPHA:3299
Car T Cell Therapy-Associated Cytokine Release Syndrome
Respiratory failure, Tachypnea, Pleural effusion, Hypoxemia ORPHA:542323
Occipital Horn Syndrome
Brachydactyly, Coxa valga, Short palm, Absent tibia, Pes planus, Aplastic clavicle, Abnormality o... ORPHA:198
Propionic Acidemia
Apnea, Tachypnea OMIM:606054
Thrombocytopenia-Absent Radius Syndrome
Genu varum, Carpal synostosis, Clinodactyly of the 5th finger, Micrognathia, Patellar dislocation... OMIM:274000
Atrial Septal Defect, Ostium Primum Type
Abnormal respiratory system physiology, Airway obstruction, Tachypnea, Dyspnea, Pulmonary arteria... ORPHA:99106
Hyperparathyroidism, Neonatal Severe
Metaphyseal irregularity, Tachypnea, Dyspnea OMIM:239200
Acyl-Coa Dehydrogenase, Very Long-Chain, Deficiency Of
Tachypnea, Respiratory arrest OMIM:201475
Hypotonia, Hypoventilation, Impaired Intellectual Development, Dysautonomia, Epilepsy, And Eye Abnormalities
Recurrent pneumonia, Finger joint hypermobility, Sleep apnea, Hypoventilation, Genu valgum OMIM:618493
Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect
Recurrent pneumonia, Crackles, Tachypnea, Elevated pulmonary artery pressure, Pulmonary venous hy... ORPHA:1329
Acrorenal-Mandibular Syndrome
Rudimentary fibula, Toe syndactyly, Missing ribs, Foot polydactyly, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Hypop... OMIM:200980
Orofaciodigital Syndrome Type 6
Brachydactyly, Foot polydactyly, Mesoaxial polydactyly, Central Y-shaped metacarpal, Episodic tac... ORPHA:2754
Schneckenbecken Dysplasia
Advanced tarsal ossification, Hypoplastic vertebral bodies, Fibular hypoplasia, Short ribs, Incre... ORPHA:3144
Haddad Syndrome
Central hypoventilation, Central sleep apnea, Breathing dysregulation ORPHA:99803
Bethlem Myopathy
Achilles tendon contracture, Curved toe phalanx, Camptodactyly of finger, Ankle flexion contractu... ORPHA:610
Congenital Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia
Respiratory failure, Respiratory failure requiring assisted ventilation, Tachypnea, Hypoxemia ORPHA:555874
Prader-Willi Syndrome
Clinodactyly, Acromicria, Short palm, Sleep apnea, Small hand, Hypoventilation, Genu valgum, Hip ... OMIM:176270
Hydrolethalus Syndrome 1
Upper limb undergrowth, Duplication of phalanx of hallux, Micrognathia, Proximal tibial hypoplasi... OMIM:236680
Very Long Chain Acyl-Coa Dehydrogenase Deficiency
Episodic tachypnea, Tachypnea, Pneumonia, Respiratory distress ORPHA:26793
Palmoplantar cutis laxa, Aspiration pneumonia, Tachypnea, Hyperventilation ORPHA:173
Ulna And Fibula, Absence Of, With Severe Limb Deficiency
Aplasia/Hypoplasia involving the carpal bones, Aplasia of the ulna, Carpal bone aplasia, Aplasia/... OMIM:276820
Congenitally Uncorrected Transposition Of The Great Arteries
Tachypnea, Hypoxemia ORPHA:860
Joubert Syndrome 1
Clinodactyly, Neonatal breathing dysregulation, Postaxial foot polydactyly, Episodic tachypnea, P... OMIM:213300
Biotinidase Deficiency
Apnea, Tachypnea OMIM:253260
Joubert Syndrome 2
Neonatal breathing dysregulation, Abnormal foot morphology, Episodic tachypnea, Postaxial hand po... OMIM:608091
Arima Syndrome
Postaxial hand polydactyly, Tachypnea, Postaxial foot polydactyly, Dyspnea OMIM:243910
Bacterial Toxic-Shock Syndrome
Sinusitis, Pneumonia, Tachypnea, Abnormality of the lower limb, Respiratory distress ORPHA:36234
Sting-Associated Vasculopathy, Infantile-Onset
Tachypnea OMIM:615934
Beta-Ketothiolase Deficiency
Tachypnea, Cough ORPHA:134
Cocaine Intoxication
Tachypnea, Cough, Hyperventilation, Pneumothorax, Respiratory distress, Wheezing ORPHA:90068
Apnea, Hypoventilation, Overlapping fingers, Respiratory distress ORPHA:79330
Double Outlet Right Ventricle
Tachypnea ORPHA:3426
Serotonin Syndrome
Tachypnea ORPHA:43116
Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, Congenital, 2, And Autonomic Dysfunction
Hypoventilation, Restrictive ventilatory defect, Apnea, Aspiration pneumonia, Hypopnea OMIM:619482
Laminin Subunit Alpha 2-Related Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
Aspiration, Respiratory failure, Respiratory insufficiency, Atelectasis, Pulmonary arterial hyper... ORPHA:258
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 4C
Pes valgus, Hammertoe, Pes planus, Abnormal foot morphology, Respiratory insufficiency, Pes cavus... ORPHA:99949
Rh Deficiency Syndrome
Tachypnea, Hypoxemia ORPHA:71275
Ulbright-Hodes Syndrome
Abnormal forearm bone morphology, Phocomelia, Short sternum, Short ribs, Short metacarpal, Respir... ORPHA:3404
Osteopathia Striata With Cranial Sclerosis
Tracheomalacia, Paranasal sinus hypoplasia, Fibular hypoplasia, Clinodactyly of the 5th finger, O... OMIM:300373
Ethylene Glycol Poisoning
Episodic respiratory distress, Tachypnea, Abnormal pattern of respiration ORPHA:31826
Joubert Syndrome 5
Episodic tachypnea, Neonatal breathing dysregulation, Central apnea OMIM:610188
Malignant Hyperthermia Of Anesthesia
Tachypnea, Hypercapnia ORPHA:423
3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaric Aciduria
Apnea, Tachypnea ORPHA:20
Fibrosis, Neurodegeneration, And Cerebral Angiomatosis
Atelectasis, Respiratory insufficiency, Respiratory failure, Tachypnea OMIM:618278
Cranioectodermal Dysplasia 1
Brachydactyly, Clinodactyly, Flattened epiphysis, Broad toe, Broad distal phalanges of all finger... OMIM:218330
Camptodactyly Syndrome, Guadalajara, Type I
Brachydactyly, Toe syndactyly, Short palm, Short femoral neck, Fibular hypoplasia, Twelfth rib hy... OMIM:211910
Kinsship Syndrome
Coxa valga, Fibular hypoplasia, Pes planus, Dislocated radial head, Micrognathia, Polydactyly, Re... OMIM:619297
Multisystemic Smooth Muscle Dysfunction Syndrome
Pulmonary arterial hypertension, Tachypnea OMIM:613834
Orofaciodigital Syndrome Type 4
Genu varum, Finger syndactyly, Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the mandible, Micrognathia, Micromelia, Apla... ORPHA:2753
Pyruvate Carboxylase Deficiency
Tachypnea, Abnormal pattern of respiration ORPHA:3008
Cognitive Impairment-Coarse Facies-Heart Defects-Obesity-Pulmonary Involvement-Short Stature-Skeletal Dysplasia Syndrome
Brachydactyly, Hypoplasia of proximal radius, Tracheomalacia, Fibular hypoplasia, Asthma, Sleep a... ORPHA:444077
Rajab Interstitial Lung Disease With Brain Calcifications 1
Emphysema, Respiratory failure, Tachypnea, Cough, Respiratory insufficiency OMIM:613658
Goodpasture Syndrome
Restrictive ventilatory defect, Increased DLCO, Crackles, Tachypnea, Cough, Exertional dyspnea OMIM:233450
Aortic Arch Interruption
Exertional dyspnea, Pedal edema, Tachypnea, Respiratory distress ORPHA:2299
Charge Syndrome
Bilateral talipes equinovarus, Hypoplasia of the ulna, Absent radius, Absent tibia, Short thumb, ... OMIM:214800
Histiocytoid Cardiomyopathy
Tachypnea, Cough ORPHA:137675
Rapid-Onset Childhood Obesity-Hypothalamic Dysfunction-Hypoventilation-Autonomic Dysregulation Syndrome
Brachydactyly, Asthma, Obstructive sleep apnea, Cardiorespiratory arrest, Hypoventilation, Centra... ORPHA:293987
Hyperornithinemia-Hyperammonemia-Homocitrullinuria Syndrome
Tachypnea ORPHA:415
Exercise-Induced Malignant Hyperthermia
Hypocapnia, Crackles, Tachypnea ORPHA:466650
Scorpion Envenomation
Tachypnea, Abnormal nasal mucus secretion ORPHA:466677
Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease
Hypoventilation, Recurrent pneumonia, Respiratory failure, Micrognathia, Spontaneous pneumothorax ORPHA:731
Truncus Arteriosus
Aplasia/hypoplasia involving bones of the extremities, Tachypnea ORPHA:3384
Pura-Related Severe Neonatal Hypotonia-Seizures-Encephalopathy Syndrome
Hypoventilation, Central sleep apnea, Obstructive sleep apnea, Breathing dysregulation, Apnea, As... ORPHA:438213


Summary table of phenotypes displayed during the Histopathology procedure which are considered significant. Full histopathology data table, including submitted images, can be accessed by clicking any row in this table.

There is no histopathology data for Arap1

IMPC related publications

The table below lists publications which used either products generated by the IMPC or data produced by the phenotyping efforts of the IMPC. These publications have also been associated to Arap1.

There are 6 publications which use IMPC produced mice or data.

Title Journal IMPC Allele PubMed ID
Arap1 loss causes retinal pigment epithelium phagocytic dysfunction and subsequent photoreceptor death. Disease models & mechanisms (July 2022) Arap1tm1c(EUCOMM)Wtsi Arap1tm1a(EUCOMM)Wtsi PMC9346516
Mouse Models of Inherited Retinal Degeneration with Photoreceptor Cell Loss. Cells (April 2020) Arap1tm1b(EUCOMM)Wtsi 32290105
Arap1 Deficiency Causes Photoreceptor Degeneration in Mice. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science (March 2017) Arap1tm1a(EUCOMM)Wtsi PMC5361582
Decreased STARD10 Expression Is Associated with Defective Insulin Secretion in Humans and Mice. American journal of human genetics (January 2017) Arap1tm1c(EUCOMM)Wtsi Arap1tm1a(EUCOMM)Wtsi PMC5294761
Transcriptome Analysis of Targeted Mouse Mutations Reveals the Topography of Local Changes in Gene Expression. PLoS genetics (February 2016) Arap1tm1a(EUCOMM)Wtsi PMC4739719
Reporter Gene Silencing in Targeted Mouse Mutants Is Associated with Promoter CpG Island Methylation. PloS one (August 2015) Arap1tm1a(EUCOMM)Wtsi PMC4537176

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MGI Allele Allele Type Produced
Arap1tm1(NCOM)Cmhd Reporter-tagged deletion allele (with selection cassette) Targeting vectors, ES Cells
Arap1tm1c(EUCOMM)Wtsi Wild type floxed exon (post-Flp) Mice
Arap1tm1b(EUCOMM)Wtsi Reporter-tagged deletion allele (with selection cassette) Mice, Tissue
Arap1tm1e(EUCOMM)Wtsi Targeted, non-conditional allele ES Cells
Arap1tm1a(EUCOMM)Wtsi KO first allele (reporter-tagged insertion with conditional potential) Mice, Targeting vectors, ES Cells
Arap1tm1(NCOM)Mfgc Reporter-tagged deletion allele (with selection cassette) Targeting vectors, ES Cells

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