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UDP-glucose glycoprotein glucosyltransferase 2
Ugcgl2,  A230065J02Rik,  3110001A05Rik,  3110027P15Rik,  1810064L21Rik

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The IMPC applies a panel of phenotyping screens to characterise single-gene knockout mice by comparison to wild types. Click on the different tabs to visualise significant phenotypes identified by the IMPC, as well as all data that was measured.

Phenotype System Allele Zyg Sex Life Stage P Value
abnormal liver morphology Uggt2tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Late adult 0.00
abnormal ileum morphology Uggt2tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Late adult 0.00
abnormal lean body mass Uggt2tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM   Late adult 1.23×10-05

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Human diseases caused by Uggt2 mutations

The analysis uses data from IMPC, along with published data on other mouse mutants, in comparison to human disease reports in OMIM, Orphanet, and DECIPHER.

Phenotype comparisons summarize the similarity of mouse phenotypes with human disease phenotypes.

No human diseases associated to this gene by orthology or annotation.

The table below shows human diseases predicted to be associated to Uggt2 by phenotypic similarity.

Disease Similarity of
Matching phenotypes Source
Epilepsy With Bilateral Occipital Calcifications
Celiac disease OMIM:226810
Meckel Diverticulum
Meckel diverticulum OMIM:155140
Blood Group, Cromer System
Protein-losing enteropathy OMIM:613793
Multiple Intestinal Atresia
Gastrointestinal atresia, Duodenal stenosis ORPHA:2300
Diarrhea 5, With Tufting Enteropathy, Congenital
Villous atrophy, Small for gestational age, Failure to thrive, Crypt hyperplasia OMIM:613217
Jejunal Atresia
Jejunal atresia OMIM:243600
Diarrhea 9
Villous atrophy, Failure to thrive OMIM:618168
Bile Acid Malabsorption, Primary, 1
Steatorrhea, Increased fecal bile acid, Fat malabsorption, Failure to thrive OMIM:613291
Autoinflammatory Disease, Familial, Behcet-Like 3
Ileitis OMIM:618287
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn Disease) 30
Protein-losing enteropathy, Esophagitis, Pancolitis, Ileitis, Abnormal intestine morphology, Gast... OMIM:619079
Annular Pancreas
Annular pancreas, High intestinal obstruction, Duodenal stenosis ORPHA:675
Pancreas, Annular
Annular pancreas, High intestinal obstruction, Duodenal stenosis OMIM:167750
Visceral Myopathy 2
Barrett esophagus, Gastroesophageal reflux, Volvulus, Intestinal pseudo-obstruction, Intestinal m... OMIM:619350
Diarrhea 7, Protein-Losing Enteropathy Type
Protein-losing enteropathy, Villous atrophy, Failure to thrive OMIM:615863
Congenital Short Bowel Syndrome
Congenital shortened small intestine, Decreased intestinal transit time, Failure to thrive, Intes... OMIM:615237
Deafness, Nerve Type, With Mesenteric Diverticula Of Small Bowel And Progressive Sensory Neuropathy
Fat malabsorption, Jejunoileal ulceration, Small bowel diverticula OMIM:221400
Bile Acid Synthesis Defect, Congenital, 1
Intrahepatic cholestasis, Hepatic failure, Elevated circulating hepatic transaminase concentratio... OMIM:607765
Martinez-Frias Syndrome
Annular pancreas, Pancreatic hypoplasia, Intestinal malrotation, Jejunal atresia, Tracheoesophage... OMIM:601346
Diarrhea 11, Malabsorptive, Congenital
Villous atrophy OMIM:618662
Congenital Bile Acid Synthesis Defect Type 3
Hepatic failure, Cholestasis, Elevated circulating aspartate aminotransferase concentration, Hepa... ORPHA:79302
Cholestasis, Progressive Familial Intrahepatic, 2
Intrahepatic cholestasis, Failure to thrive, Splenomegaly, Intermittent jaundice, Cirrhosis, Hepa... OMIM:601847
Alpha-Heavy Chain Disease
Hepatomegaly, Abnormal small intestine morphology, Splenomegaly ORPHA:100025
Secondary Short Bowel Syndrome
Failure to thrive, Volvulus, Cholestasis, Villous atrophy, Abnormal small intestine morphology, A... ORPHA:95427
Pancreatic Lipase Deficiency
Steatorrhea, Fat malabsorption OMIM:614338
Pancreatic Colipase Deficiency
Steatorrhea, Cholelithiasis, Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, Fat malabsorption ORPHA:309108
Mitchell-Riley Syndrome
Meckel diverticulum, Annular pancreas, Anteriorly placed anus, Pancreatic hypoplasia, Intestinal ... OMIM:615710
Colonic Atresia
Peptic ulcer, Abdominal situs inversus, Colonic atresia, Abnormal mesentery morphology, Duodenal ... ORPHA:1198
Hepatic fibrosis, Protein-losing enteropathy, Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, Failure to thrive, Dec... ORPHA:79319
Congenital Disorder Of Glycosylation, Type Ib
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hepatic fibrosis, Hepatic failure, Failure to thrive, Villous atrophy... OMIM:602579
Hypercholanemia, Familial 1
Steatorrhea, Fat malabsorption, Failure to thrive OMIM:607748
Cholestasis, Progressive Familial Intrahepatic, 1
Cholelithiasis, Failure to thrive, Splenomegaly, Cirrhosis, Intrahepatic cholestasis with episodi... OMIM:211600
Bile Acid Synthesis Defect, Congenital, 4
Hematochezia, Hepatic failure, Intrahepatic cholestasis, Elevated circulating hepatic transaminas... OMIM:214950
Chronic Diarrhea Due To Glucoamylase Deficiency
Abnormal small intestinal mucosa morphology, Decreased small intestinal mucosa lactase level ORPHA:103907
Congenital Tufting Enteropathy
Cholestatic liver disease, Failure to thrive, Abnormal large intestinal mucosa morphology, Villou... ORPHA:92050
Protein-losing enteropathy, Failure to thrive, Abnormality of the liver, Jaundice, Macroglossia ORPHA:79320
Thoraco-Abdominal Enteric Duplication
Intestinal malrotation, Hepatomegaly, Duodenal stenosis ORPHA:1759
Parenteral Nutrition-Associated Cholestasis
Hepatic fibrosis, Cholelithiasis, Hepatic failure, Elevated circulating hepatic transaminase conc... ORPHA:567983
Congenital Bile Acid Synthesis Defect Type 2
Giant cell hepatitis, Hepatic failure, Elevated circulating hepatic transaminase concentration, F... ORPHA:79303
Mitochondrial Complex Iv Deficiency, Nuclear Type 19
Protein-losing enteropathy OMIM:619063
Isolated Biliary Atresia
Periportal fibrosis, Elevated circulating hepatic transaminase concentration, Failure to thrive, ... ORPHA:30391
Congenital Enterocyte Heparan Sulfate Deficiency
Protein-losing enteropathy, Weight loss, Hematochezia ORPHA:103910
Duodenal Atresia
Duodenal atresia OMIM:223400
Chylomicron Retention Disease
Steatorrhea, Accumulation of lipid droplets in small-bowel enterocytes, Failure to thrive OMIM:246700
Intestinal Pseudoobstruction, Neuronal, Chronic Idiopathic, X-Linked
Intestinal malrotation, Congenital shortened small intestine, Intestinal pseudo-obstruction, Pylo... OMIM:300048
Agammaglobulinemia 4, Autosomal Recessive
Protein-losing enteropathy OMIM:613502
Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hematochezia, Abnormality of the gastrointestinal tract, Weight loss,... ORPHA:2070
Vascular Hyalinosis
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hematochezia OMIM:277175
Inflammatory Skin And Bowel Disease, Neonatal, 1
Villous atrophy, Failure to thrive, Duodenitis OMIM:614328
Protein-losing enteropathy, Abnormality of the gastrointestinal tract, Decreased liver function ORPHA:79327
Congenital Disorder Of Glycosylation, Type Ih
Protein-losing enteropathy, Failure to thrive, Decreased liver function, Cholestasis, Hepatomegaly OMIM:608104
Refractory Celiac Disease
Protein-losing enteropathy, Elevated circulating hepatic transaminase concentration, Jejunitis, V... ORPHA:398063
Protein-losing enteropathy, Elevated circulating hepatic transaminase concentration, Failure to t... ORPHA:95428
Polyposis, Skin Pigmentation, Alopecia, And Fingernail Changes
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hematochezia, Gastrointestinal carcinoma, Xerostomia, Cachexia, Gloss... OMIM:175500
Mungan Syndrome
Barrett esophagus, Megaduodenum, Hypoperistalsis, Intestinal pseudo-obstruction OMIM:611376
Visceral Myopathy 1
Microcolon, Intestinal pseudo-obstruction, Megaduodenum, Thinning of outer muscular layer of smal... OMIM:155310
Congenital Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia
Annular pancreas, Volvulus, Duodenal stenosis, Intestinal malrotation, Absent gallbladder, Agangl... ORPHA:210122
Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease
Protein-losing enteropathy, Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, Hepatic fibrosis, Periportal fibrosis, C... ORPHA:731
Oculoskeletodental Syndrome
Protein-losing enteropathy, Splenomegaly, Hepatomegaly, Macroglossia, Small for gestational age OMIM:618440
Hennekam Lymphangiectasia-Lymphedema Syndrome 3
Protein-losing enteropathy OMIM:618154
Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome
Rectocele, Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, Protein-losing enteropathy, Hematochezia, Failure to thri... ORPHA:2929
Cat Eye Syndrome
Anal stenosis, Meckel diverticulum, Volvulus, Intestinal malrotation, Biliary atresia, Rectal fis... OMIM:115470
Juvenile Polyposis Of Infancy
High, narrow palate, Protein-losing enteropathy, Intestinal bleeding, Gastrointestinal hemorrhage... ORPHA:79076
Immunodeficiency 31C
Protein-losing enteropathy, Villous atrophy, Splenomegaly, Weight loss, Hepatomegaly, Gastrointes... OMIM:614162
Microvillus Inclusion Disease
Villous atrophy, Abnormal small intestinal villus morphology ORPHA:2290
Systemic Sclerosis
Barrett esophagus, Intestinal bleeding, Abnormal large intestine morphology, Gastroesophageal ref... ORPHA:90291
Acrocephalopolydactylous Dysplasia
Hepatic fibrosis, Polysplenia, Hypoplastic colon, Pancreatic fibrosis, Hepatomegaly, Hypoplasia o... OMIM:200995
Mullerian Derivatives, Persistence Of, With Lymphangiectasia And Postaxial Polydactyly
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hepatic failure, Pancreatic lymphangiectasis, Splenomegaly, Hepatomeg... OMIM:235255
Primary Intestinal Lymphangiectasia
Increased stool alpha1-antitrypsin concentration, Peritoneal effusion, Intestinal lymphangiectasi... ORPHA:90362
Metachromatic Leukodystrophy
Abnormal stomach morphology, Abnormal duodenum morphology, Abnormal gallbladder morphology, Hemob... ORPHA:512
Müllerian Derivatives-Lymphangiectasia-Polydactyly Syndrome
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hepatic failure, Pancreatic lymphangiectasis, Hepatosplenomegaly, Spl... ORPHA:1655
Meckel diverticulum, Abnormality of abdominal situs, Pancreatic hypoplasia, Intestinal malrotatio... ORPHA:1666
Pericardial And Diaphragmatic Defect
Intestinal malrotation, Meckel diverticulum, Abnormal gastrointestinal tract morphology ORPHA:2847
Abnormal jejunum morphology ORPHA:449280
Hennekam Lymphangiectasia-Lymphedema Syndrome 1
Protein-losing enteropathy, Narrow palate, Rectal prolapse, Intestinal lymphangiectasia OMIM:235510
Congenital Tracheal Stenosis
Meckel diverticulum, Duodenal stenosis, Abnormal stomach morphology, Abnormal gastrointestinal tr... ORPHA:141127
Liver Disease, Severe Congenital
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hepatic failure, Intrahepatic cholestasis, Portal inflammation, Failu... OMIM:619991
Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia With Misalignment Of Pulmonary Veins
Congenital shortened small intestine, Meckel diverticulum, Annular pancreas, Intestinal malrotati... OMIM:265380
Tarp Syndrome
Failure to thrive, Abnormal duodenum morphology, Glossoptosis, Tongue nodules, Cleft palate ORPHA:2886
Whim Syndrome
Abnormal small intestine morphology, Parotitis ORPHA:51636
Diarrhea 10, Protein-Losing Enteropathy Type
Protein-losing enteropathy, Hematochezia OMIM:618183
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Musculocontractural Type, 1
Intestinal malrotation, Hiatus hernia, Abnormal duodenum morphology, High palate, Cleft palate OMIM:601776
Fraser Syndrome 1
Abnormal small intestine morphology, Abnormality of the anus, Cleft palate OMIM:219000


Summary table of phenotypes displayed during the Histopathology procedure which are considered significant. Full histopathology data table, including submitted images, can be accessed by clicking any row in this table.

There is no histopathology data for Uggt2

IMPC related publications

The table below lists publications which used either products generated by the IMPC or data produced by the phenotyping efforts of the IMPC. These publications have also been associated to Uggt2.

No publications found that use IMPC mice or data for Uggt2.

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MGI Allele Allele Type Produced
Uggt2tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi Reporter-tagged deletion allele (with selection cassette) Mice
Uggt2tm1a(KOMP)Wtsi KO first allele (reporter-tagged insertion with conditional potential) Mice, Targeting vectors, ES Cells
Uggt2tm1e(KOMP)Wtsi Targeted, non-conditional allele ES Cells

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