Auditory Brain Stem Response IMPC_ABR_002


Experimental Design






Version Type Req. Upload Req. Analysis Annotation Increment Option Ontology Options Derived Unit Data Type
Range of test stimuli used IMPC_ABR_028_001 1.1 procedureMetadata         Tick                 Click6,12,18,24,30 kHzTone,6,12,18,24,30 kHzClick,6,12,18,24,30 kHz         TEXT
Range of stimulus levels used - Click IMPC_ABR_029_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                 0-750-850-88         dB SPL TEXT
Range of stimulus levels used - 6kHz IMPC_ABR_030_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                 0-8520-8520-900-950-88         dB SPL TEXT
Range of stimulus levels used - 12kHz IMPC_ABR_031_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                 0-8520-850-950-90         dB SPL TEXT
Range of stimulus levels used - 18kHz IMPC_ABR_032_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                 0-850-9520-850-900-80         dB SPL TEXT
Range of stimulus levels used - 24kHz IMPC_ABR_033_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                 0-8520-8510-900-950-90         dB SPL TEXT
Range of stimulus levels used - 30kHz IMPC_ABR_034_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                 0-8520-850-9520-90         dB SPL TEXT
Extension of stimulus levels IMPC_ABR_035_001 1.0 procedureMetadata         Tick                 9590         dB SPL INT
Stimulus level step size IMPC_ABR_036_001 1.1 procedureMetadata                                 5         dB SPL INT
Tone Pip Duration IMPC_ABR_037_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 571         ms INT
Tone Pip rise/fall IMPC_ABR_038_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 10.2         ms INT
Repetition Rate IMPC_ABR_039_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 42.62010         s^-1 FLOAT
Number averages IMPC_ABR_040_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 256300512542         INT
Recording Environment IMPC_ABR_041_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 In sound attenuating booth on thermo-statically controlled heating pad (@ 37°C)Sound proof roomSound proof boothMed Associates PVC sound attenuated chamber         TEXT
Anesthetic agent 1 IMPC_ABR_042_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 KetamineAvertinPentobarbital         TEXT
Anesthetic agent 2 IMPC_ABR_043_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 XylazineAvertinNone         TEXT
Anesthetic agent 1 dosage IMPC_ABR_044_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                mg/g FLOAT
Anesthetic agent 2 dosage IMPC_ABR_045_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 0.0160.0110.010.110.020         mg/g FLOAT
Anesthetic administration route IMPC_ABR_046_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                         IntraperitonealIntramuscularSubcutaneous         TEXT
Time of injection IMPC_ABR_048_001 1.2 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TIME
Equipment ID IMPC_ABR_049_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                                 TEXT
Equipment manufacturer IMPC_ABR_050_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 TDT (Tucker Davis Technologies)Intelligent Hearing Systems         TEXT
Equipment model IMPC_ABR_051_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 RP2.1 based system, RA4PA Medusa PreamplifierIIISmart EPRZ6-A-P1 bioacoustic system, RA4PA pre-amp / Digitizer, RA4LI headstage, MF1-S multi field speakerRZ6, Z-series 2-DSP bioacoustic system, Medusa PreAmp/Digitizer, Medusa LI headstage, Multi field speaker/Stereo         TEXT
Software IMPC_ABR_052_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                         Sanger bespoke averager softwareCambridge Electronic DesignHIS SmartBioSigRZSmartEPTucker Davis Technologies         TEXT
Experimenter ID IMPC_ABR_053_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TEXT
Date equipment last calibrated IMPC_ABR_054_001 1.2 procedureMetadata                                                 DATE