Parameters for Procedure: Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test (IPGTT) IMPC_IPG_001

Procedure carried out on Week 13

Version Type Req. Upload Req. Analysis Annotation Increment Option Ontology Options Derived Unit Data Type
Body Weight IMPC_IPG_001_001 1.3 simpleParameter Tick                                         g FLOAT
Blood glucose concentration IMPC_IPG_002_001 1.4 seriesParameter Tick         Tick 0153060120                 mg/dl FLOAT
Equipment ID IMPC_IPG_003_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TEXT
Equipment manufacturer IMPC_IPG_004_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 AbbottRoche DiagnosticLifescanARKRAY factory.IncAnaloxRoche Diabetes Care         TEXT
Equipment model IMPC_IPG_005_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 32004-02Accu-Chek AvivaAccu-Chek PerformaOne Touch Ultra 2Super Glucocard II GT-1640GLUCOCARD G+meter GT-1820Alphatrak 2GM9Accu-Chek Aviva ConnectAccu-Chek Guide         TEXT
Mouse restrained IMPC_IPG_006_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick                         yesNo         TEXT
Type of strip IMPC_IPG_007_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Whole bloodPlasmaPlasma, no maltose interference         TEXT
Experimenter ID IMPC_IPG_008_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         TEXT
Date equipment last calibrated IMPC_IPG_009_001 1.2 procedureMetadata                                                 DATE
Fasted blood glucose concentration IMPC_IPG_010_001 1.4 simpleParameter                 Tick                 IMPC_IPG_002_001 0 increment_value mg/dl FLOAT
Initial response to glucose challenge IMPC_IPG_011_001 1.5 simpleParameter                 Tick                 IMPC_IPG_002_001 15 increment_value IMPC_IPG_002_001 0 increment_value - mg/dl FLOAT
Area under glucose response curve IMPC_IPG_012_001 1.3 simpleParameter                 Tick                 IMPC_IPG_002_001 area_under_curve (minutes*mg)/dl FLOAT
Upper limit of the meter IMPC_IPG_013_001 1.3 procedureMetadata                                                 mg/dl FLOAT