Marker Symbol: Rbfa | MGI:1915981

Genomic Position

Assembly: GRCm38

Chromosome: 18

Strand -

Mutation Details

Mutation method: Targeted Mutation

Mutation type: Conditional Ready

Mutation subtype: Frameshift

Cassette: L1L2_Pgk_P

Cassette Type: Promotor Driven

Backbone: B6Ng01-270A23

First Floxed Exon: ENSMUSE00000307149

Last Floxed Exon: ENSMUSE00000143406

Molecular Co-Ordinates
Feature Start End
Homology Arm 80270322 80145194
Cassette 81317914 81317913
LoxP 81312683 81312659
Genbank Files / Images

Targeting Vector Genbank File: view vector_image

ES Cell Clone / Allele Genbank File: view allele_image cassette_image simple_image

Targeting Vectors
Pipeline IKMC Project ID Targeting Vector Intermediate Vector Report to Public
NARLabs Rbfa_CKO  
ES Cells
Pipeline ES Cell Targeting Vector MGI Allele ID Allele Symbol Superscript Parental Cell Line IKMC Project ID Report to Public
NARLabs WCW_1505_009 tm1aNarl WCW   show/hide QC metrics
NARLabs WCW_1505_033 tm1aNarl WCW   show/hide QC metrics
NARLabs WCW_1505_093 tm1aNarl WCW   show/hide QC metrics
NARLabs WCW_1505_173 tm1aNarl WCW   show/hide QC metrics