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How do I use the parallel coordinates viewer?

Parallel coordinates

The parallel coordinates tool allows users to compare strains across different parameters. Hover over a row in the table to highlight the corresponding line on the chart.

To start using the tool select one or more procedures from the drop-down select box. Once this is done you can filter the data based on the phenotyping center.

The values displayed are the genotype effect, which accounts for different variation sources. Information about this and the statistical methods used is available in the statistics documentation.

To help visualize we have added two special lines: mean, displaying the average genotype effect for all genes displayed and no effect, that runs through the zero values to help visualize how a gene with no genotype effect for the measured parameters would look like. For large datasetst the mean and no effect line usually converge.

The tool allows filtering on each axis (parameter) by selecting the region of interest with the mouse.

The clear button removes existing filters.

The export button generates an export of the values in the table. If any filter is set, only the data displayed in the table will be exported.

The generation of this chart is computationally intensive and the number of parameters that can be plotted may vary from one machine to the other. If you notice the tool becoming too slow, please consider selecting fewer procedures.

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