Number of results: 3

Name: syntaxin binding protein 1
Human orthologs: STXBP1
Synonyms: N-sec1, nsec1, Munc18-1, Unc18h, Rb-sec1, Sxtbp1, Munc-18a

ES Cells Produced
Mice Produced
Phenotype data available

Name: Sec1 family domain containing 2
Human orthologs: SCFD2
Synonyms: E430013M20Rik, STXBP1L1

Not Assigned for ES Cell Production
Mice Produced
Phenotype Attempt Registered

Name: Sec1 family domain containing 1
Human orthologs: SCFD1
Synonyms: 3110021P21Rik, RA410, STXBP1L2

ES Cells Produced

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