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absent eyelids

Synonym: ablepharon, absent palpebra, absent blepharon, eyelid aplasia, absent palpebrae, missing eyelids, ablepharia, absent blephara, absent eye lids, eyelid agenesis

Definition: missing skin folds covering the front of the eyeball when closed

abnormal lacrimal gland physiology


Definition: any functional anomaly of the glands that secrete tears

excessive tearing

Synonym: excessive lachrymation, epiphora, excessive lacrimation, lacrimous eye, watering eye

Definition: an unusually high amount of fluid in the eye, either oversecreted by the lacrimal glands, or due to imperfect drainage by the tear conducting passages, often resulting in overflow of fluid from the eye onto the cheek

aggression towards inanimate objects

Synonym: aggression to inanimate objects

Definition: a domineering, assault posture and/or hostile physical action toward inanimate objects

abnormal anxiety-related response

Synonym: altered anxiety response, abnormal anxiety response

Definition: altered emotional response related to anticipation of a non-specific threat

increased anxiety-related response

Synonym: increased anxiety, elevated anxiety

Definition: when compared to controls, subjects exhibit more responses thought to be indicative of anxiety in behavioral tests

decreased anxiety-related response

Synonym: reduced anxiety in elevated zero maze test, reduced anxiety, reduced anxiety in dark-light crossing task, decreased anxiety, reduced anxiety in elevated plus maze test

Definition: when compared to controls, subjects exhibit fewer responses thought to be indicative of anxiety in behavioral tests

abnormal stationary movement

Synonym: abnormal movement, movement abnormalities

Definition: altered ability or inability to change body posture or shift a body part

abnormal tail movements


Definition: a change from the normal manner of moving the tail

abnormal locomotor behavior

Synonym: abnormal locomotory behavior, abnormal locomotor behaviour, abnormal locomotory behaviour, abnormal locomotion, abnormal locomotor activity

Definition: altered ability or inability to move from place to place in response to stimuli

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