Targeting Vector: Klhl18tm42066(L1L2_gt2)

This product is available from the following repositories:

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PG00036_A_2_D09 No QC Data Available
PG00036_A_3_D09 No QC Data Available
PG00036_A_4_D09 No QC Data Available
PGS00036_A_D09 No QC Data Available
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Mouse strains produced by the IMPC are made available to researchers by depositing them with the KOMP mouse repositiory at the University of California-Davis and/or the European Mutant Mouse Archive maintained by INFRAFRONTIER, Gmbh. IMPC centers may also provide breeders on a colloborative basis based on availability.

We provide links and contact information based on tracking data supplied by the IMPC centers, but are not responsible for the ordering process.

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