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IMPC Lethal Lines and Sample OPT/MicroCT images

This page temporarily provides Viability information for IMPC lines until the data can be incorporated into the portal. This page is aimed at those who have requested this information for planning a submission to PAR-13-231. For each center currently generating mice, each line is listed that has been identified either as lethal (no HOM pups at ~P14) or subviable (<12.5% Hom pups at ~P14), along with when the last update was received.

The Europhenome calls have been updated to take some lines out that were non-single knockout mouse lines.

In addition, Mark Henkelman (MICe) has kindly provided a set of stock images for both OPT and MicroCT so that researchers can get a feel for the type of data we will be collecting for IMPC embryonic lethal pipeline.

MICe Embryo Images.pptx

List last updated 12/09/14 with data currently in the live database: 661 lines, 146 lethal, 68 subviable, 447 viable

Center Gene Symbol Description
BCM Acat2 Lethal
BCM Ascc2 Lethal
BCM Alg10b Lethal
BCM Cdipt Lethal
BCM Tfeb Lethal
BCM Tmem132a Lethal
BCM Mapkap1 Lethal
GMC Ivd Lethal
GMC Dnajc17 Lethal
GMC Pcx Lethal
GMC Rest Lethal
GMC Cog3 Lethal
GMC Acbd3 Lethal
GMC Dpp9 Lethal
GMC Mocs2 Lethal
GMC Dbn1 Lethal
GMC Mybbp1a Lethal
GMC Hells Lethal
GMC Ndufa8 Lethal
Harwell Eaf1 Lethal
Harwell Gabarapl2 Lethal
Harwell Ric8b Lethal
Harwell Usp22 Lethal
Harwell Mtch2 Lethal
Harwell Klhdc2 Lethal
Harwell Pbx3 Lethal
Harwell Slc39a8 Lethal
Harwell Rsbn1 Lethal
Harwell Tulp3 Lethal
Harwell Klf7 Lethal
Harwell Frs2 Lethal
Harwell Map3k7 Lethal
Harwell Bag3 Lethal
Harwell Gosr2 Lethal
Harwell Slc40a1 Lethal
Harwell Mllt3 Lethal
Harwell Cbx2 Lethal
Harwell Scn4a Lethal
Harwell Fgf10 Lethal
Harwell Eomes Lethal
Harwell Lifr Lethal
Harwell Nxn Lethal
Harwell Zfp207 Lethal
Harwell Otub1 Lethal
Harwell Scnn1b Lethal
Harwell Tango6 Lethal
Harwell F10 Lethal
Harwell Atg3 Lethal
Harwell Kdm8 Lethal
Harwell Furin Lethal
Harwell Xbp1 Lethal
Harwell Snrnp200 Lethal
Harwell BC055324 Lethal
ICS Chrna1 Lethal
ICS Ino80 Lethal
ICS Timm50 Lethal
ICS Yipf5 Lethal
ICS Kctd15 Lethal
ICS Prdm10 Lethal
ICS Pigu Lethal
ICS Atp6v1d Lethal
ICS Ppp6c Lethal
ICS Cdk8 Lethal
ICS Cdc26 Lethal
ICS Synpo2 Lethal
ICS Nae1 Lethal
ICS Pax4 Lethal
JAX Dhx30 Lethal
JAX Polr2h Lethal
JAX Atrip Lethal
JAX Wars2 Lethal
JAX Mrps25 Lethal
JAX Zmiz2 Lethal
JAX Cdc20 Lethal
JAX Pigh Lethal
JAX Wdr12 Lethal
JAX Nemf Lethal
JAX Rpa1 Lethal
JAX Ift88 Lethal
JAX Cinp Lethal
JAX Dnajc9 Lethal
JAX Sptssa Lethal
JAX Nsf Lethal
JAX Dmap1 Lethal
JAX Ube2c Lethal
JAX Hspa5 Lethal
JAX Cacna1s Lethal
JAX Arid3a Lethal
JAX Rfc1 Lethal
JAX Cr1l Lethal
JAX Kif26b Lethal
JAX Lrp1 Lethal
JAX Pcsk5 Lethal
JAX Cenpo Lethal
JAX Cox7c Lethal
JAX Palb2 Lethal
JAX Rgp1 Lethal
JAX Sdha Lethal
JAX Exosc8 Lethal
JAX Strn3 Lethal
JAX Rint1 Lethal
JAX Rasa3 Lethal
JAX Prep Lethal
JAX Adar Lethal
JAX Med11 Lethal
JAX Cgn Lethal
JAX Atr Lethal
TCP Pnn Lethal
TCP Flii Lethal
NorCOMM2 Coa5 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Spop Lethal
NorCOMM2 Gnpda1 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Lmbrd1 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Gart Lethal
NorCOMM2 Pik3c2a Lethal
NorCOMM2 Atp6v1b2 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Cox19 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Dhfr Lethal
TCP Casq2 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Wee1 Lethal
TCP Crispld2 Lethal
TCP Slc39a7 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Yars Lethal
TCP Recql4 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Atp6v1d Lethal
TCP Pex26 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Atp6v0a1 Lethal
TCP Med28 Lethal
TCP Oas1g Lethal
TCP Clcf1 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Atp5b Lethal
NorCOMM2 Myo18a Lethal
TCP Nabp2 Lethal
TCP Exoc8 Lethal
TCP Inpp5e Lethal
TCP Eif2b4 Lethal
TCP Slc6a5 Lethal
TCP Tbx4 Lethal
NorCOMM2 Chd1 Lethal
UCD Tmem100 Lethal
UCD Acvr1 Lethal
UCD Ino80b Lethal
UCD Nphp1 Lethal
UCD Uts2b Lethal
UCD Rnf20 Lethal
BaSH Fbxw9 Subviable
GMC Rora Subviable
GMC Lsm1 Subviable
GMC Cap2 Subviable
GMC Abcb11 Subviable
GMC Car4 Subviable
Harwell Smoc1 Subviable
Harwell Pdpn Subviable
Harwell Hipk2 Subviable
Harwell Rhbdl3 Subviable
Harwell Hace1 Subviable
Harwell Sirt1 Subviable
Harwell Dbn1 Subviable
Harwell Usp3 Subviable
Harwell Ethe1 Subviable
Harwell Barx2 Subviable
Harwell Agl Subviable
ICS Pcsk1 Subviable
ICS 5330417C22Rik Subviable
ICS Ncs1 Subviable
ICS Klhl29 Subviable
ICS Setbp1 Subviable
ICS Dnal4 Subviable
JAX Dnaja1 Subviable
JAX Ube2o Subviable
JAX Dnajb12 Subviable
JAX Dnmt3a Subviable
JAX Mdk Subviable
JAX Slc1a3 Subviable
JAX Rdx Subviable
JAX Htr1b Subviable
JAX Dnajc16 Subviable
JAX Msx1 Subviable
JAX Ovol1 Subviable
JAX Jam3 Subviable
JAX Cwc27 Subviable
JAX Itga8 Subviable
JAX Pax7 Subviable
JAX Dbn1 Subviable
JAX Rnf10 Subviable
JAX Prkab1 Subviable
JAX Bach1 Subviable
JAX Hsf1 Subviable
TCP Elf3 Subviable
NorCOMM2 Ggnbp2 Subviable
NorCOMM2 Zfp260 Subviable
TCP Fkbp5 Subviable
TCP Tox3 Subviable
TCP Rhbdl1 Subviable
TCP Ctdsp2 Subviable
TCP Lypd3 Subviable
TCP S100a6 Subviable
TCP Snx27 Subviable
TCP Acvr2a Subviable
TCP Unc13b Subviable
TCP Tmbim7 Subviable
TCP Ampd1 Subviable
UCD Unc119 Subviable
UCD Mad1l1 Subviable
UCD Itsn2 Subviable
UCD Dbn1 Subviable
UCD Acvr2b Subviable
UCD Rnf10 Subviable
UCD Fnbp1l Subviable
UCD Snai2 Subviable
UCD Zhx3 Subviable
UCD Fan1 Subviable
UCD Abi3bp Subviable

HMGU Aco2 Lethal
HMGU Arhgef18 Subviable
HMGU Asxl1 Lethal
HMGU Cpeb4 Lethal
HMGU Dnajc17 Lethal
HMGU E430025E21Rik Subviable
HMGU Fam110b Lethal
HMGU Frmd5 Subviable
HMGU Hdac1 Lethal
HMGU Hgs Lethal
HMGU Ino80e Lethal
HMGU Jmjd6 Lethal
HMGU Mmp11 Subviable
HMGU Mtmr4 Subviable
HMGU Nfkbid Lethal
HMGU Pknox1 Lethal
HMGU Pla2g10 Subviable
HMGU Rc3h2 Subviable
HMGU Setdb1 Lethal
HMGU Stx8 Subviable
HMGU Uhrf1 Lethal
HMGU Wbscr16 Lethal
ICS 2310067B10Rik Lethal
ICS Ascc3 Lethal
ICS B9d1 Lethal
ICS Bloc1s1 Lethal
ICS C1qbp Lethal
ICS Col5a1 Lethal
ICS Cops4 Lethal
ICS Crtc1 Lethal
ICS Ddx52 Lethal
ICS Drg2 Subviable
ICS Elk4 Lethal
ICS Fabp3 Subviable
ICS Fpgs Lethal
ICS Gar1 Lethal
ICS Grhl3 Lethal
ICS Gsta3 Lethal
ICS Hcn4 Lethal
ICS Ift122 Lethal
ICS Ift20 Lethal
ICS Jmjd5 Lethal
ICS Limk2 Subviable
ICS Mapre3 Subviable
ICS Mrpl10 Lethal
ICS Mrpl54 Lethal
ICS Mrps35  Lethal
ICS Ncor2 Subviable
ICS Ndufs3 Lethal
ICS Ngfr Subviable
ICS Nr3c2 Lethal
ICS Nr3c2 Subviable
ICS Nr6a1 Lethal
ICS Pex16 Lethal
ICS Pik3c3 Lethal
ICS Pik3c3 Subviable
ICS Rc3h1 Subviable
ICS Ruvbl1 Lethal
ICS Slc25a38 Lethal
ICS Snx5 Lethal
ICS Spns1 Lethal
ICS Srsf4 Subviable
ICS Ttll1 Subviable
ICS Ube2b Lethal
ICS Xbp1 Lethal
MRC_Harwell BC055324 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Celsr1 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Cul7 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Ddx27 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Ercc2 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Fbxo11 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Map3k1 Subviable
MRC_Harwell Mecom Lethal
MRC_Harwell Med18 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Mpi Lethal
MRC_Harwell Mysm1 Subviable
MRC_Harwell Nespas Lethal
MRC_Harwell Nodal Lethal
MRC_Harwell Pa2g4 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Parl Subviable
MRC_Harwell Ptch1 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Ptk7 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Rnf7 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Secisbp2 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Shh Lethal
MRC_Harwell Smo Lethal
MRC_Harwell Snf8 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Snip1 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Tmem167 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Trpc3 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Tulp3 Lethal
MRC_Harwell Uros Subviable
MRC_Harwell Vangl2 Lethal
WTSI Adam17 Subviable
WTSI Adar Lethal
WTSI Arpc4 Lethal
WTSI Baz1b Subviable
WTSI Brd7 Subviable
WTSI Brd8 Lethal
WTSI Brpf3 Subviable
WTSI Cdh1 Lethal
WTSI Cds2 Lethal
WTSI Chd7 Lethal
WTSI Cit Lethal
WTSI Cntfr Lethal
WTSI Csrp2bp Subviable
WTSI Dhcr24 Lethal
WTSI Dot1l Lethal
WTSI Epc1 Subviable
WTSI Epc2 Lethal
WTSI Gap43 Lethal
WTSI Gbe1 Lethal
WTSI Gmnn Lethal
WTSI Hdac3 Lethal
WTSI Hspb11 Lethal
WTSI Ikbkap Lethal
WTSI Ikbkb Subviable
WTSI Impad1 Lethal
WTSI Ints12 Lethal
WTSI Jarid2 Subviable
WTSI Kctd10 Lethal
WTSI Ldha Lethal
WTSI Magi2 Lethal
WTSI Mapk1 Lethal
WTSI Mbtd1 Subviable
WTSI Mecr Lethal
WTSI Mis18bp1 Lethal
WTSI Mks1 Lethal
WTSI Mthfd1l Lethal
WTSI Myh9 Lethal
WTSI Mysm1 Subviable
WTSI Ncaph2 Lethal
WTSI Nf1 Lethal
WTSI Nsun2 Subviable
WTSI Pnpt1 Lethal
WTSI Prkab1 Subviable
WTSI Prmt1 Lethal
WTSI Prmt5 Lethal
WTSI Rars2 Lethal
WTSI Rhot1 Lethal
WTSI Rnaseh2b Lethal
WTSI Sgol1 Lethal
WTSI Slx4 Subviable
WTSI Snip1 Lethal
WTSI Sympk Lethal
WTSI Tcf7l2 Lethal
WTSI Tpm1 Lethal
WTSI Trim45 Lethal
WTSI Trpc4ap Subviable
WTSI Ube3b Subviable
WTSI Zranb2 Lethal
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