Gene: Aldh1l1


Name aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member L1

  • 1810048F20Rik
  • Fthfd

Status ES CellsMice
phenotype data available

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Viability Homozygous - Viable

Phenotype associations for Aldh1l1

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Based on automated MP annotations supported by experiments on knockout mouse models. Click on icons to go to all Aldh1l1 data for that phenotype.

Significant Phenotypes

System Phenotype Allele Zyg Sex Life Stage P Value Data
abnormal lens morphology Aldh1l1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Female Male postnatal 8.65E-11
cataract Aldh1l1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Female postnatal 2.48E-8
decreased circulating chloride level Aldh1l1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Female Male postnatal 3.7E-7
decreased bone mineral density Aldh1l1em1(IMPC)KMPC HOM Female Male postnatal 1.18E-5
decreased blood urea nitrogen level Aldh1l1em1(IMPC)KMPC HOM Female postnatal 1.75E-5
increased blood urea nitrogen level Aldh1l1em1(IMPC)KMPC HOM Male postnatal 1.75E-5
decreased circulating sodium level Aldh1l1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Female Male postnatal 2.79E-5
decreased threshold for auditory brainstem response Aldh1l1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Female postnatal 6.33E-5
increased or absent threshold for auditory brainstem response Aldh1l1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi HOM Male postnatal 6.33E-5

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IMPC lacZ Expression Data
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Anatomy #HET Specimens HOM Images? WT Expr Mutant Expr Images
Adrenal gland 2 No (2/415)
Aorta 2 No
Blood 2 No
Bone 2 No
Bone marrow 2 No
Brain 2 No
Brainstem 2 No
Brown adipose tissue 2 No (1/2)
Cartilage tissue 2 No
Cecum 2 No (12/383) (1/2)
Cerebellum 2 No (2/2)
Cerebral cortex 2 No
Chest bone 2 No
Colon 2 No (12/127)
Cranium 2 No
Diaphragm 2 No
Epididymis 2 No (18/134)
Esophagus 2 No (7/415)
Eye 2 No
Gall bladder 2 No
Harderian gland 2 No
Heart 2 No
Hindlimb 2 No
Hippocampus 2 No
Hypothalamus 2 No
Kidney 2 No (18/584) (2/2)
Large intestine 2 No (10/584)
Liver 2 No
Lower urinary tract 2 No
Lung 2 No
Lymph node 2 No
Main olfactory bulb 2 No
Mammary gland 2 No
Mesenteric lymph node 2 No
Olfactory lobe 2 No
Oral epithelium 2 No
Ovary 2 No (1/584)
Oviduct 2 No
Pancreas 2 No (5/584)
Parathyroid gland 2 No
Parotid gland 2 No
Penis 2 No
Peripheral nervous system 2 No
Peyer's patch 2 No
Pituitary gland 2 No
Prostate gland 2 No (12/584)
Sciatic nerve 2 No
Skeletal muscle 2 No
Skin 2 No
Small intestine 2 No (9/584)
Spinal cord 2 No
Spleen 2 No (2/584)
Stomach 2 No (12/584)
Stomach pyloric region 2 No
Striatum 2 No
Sublingual gland 2 No
Submandibular gland 2 No (2/132)
Testis 2 No (2/584) (1/2)
Thymus 2 No
Thyroid gland 2 No (15/584)
Tongue 2 No (5/127)
Trachea 2 No
Trigeminal V nerve 2 No
Urinary bladder 2 No
Uterus 2 No
Vagina 2 No
Vas deferens 2 No (15/388)
Vascular system 2 No
Vesicular gland 2 No
White adipose tissue 2 No
Expression in Anatomogram

Tissues/organs lacZ+ expression

    postnatal mouse
    digestive system
    nervous system
    set of connective tissues
    reproductive system
    adipose tissue
    urinary system
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Associated Images

Associated Images
  • X-ray: XRay Images Hind Leg and Hip
    10 Images
  • X-ray: XRay Images Dorso Ventral
    19 Images
  • X-ray: XRay Images Forepaw
    10 Images
  • X-ray: XRay Images Lateral Orientation
    19 Images
  • Eye Morphology: Images Slit Lamp
    15 Images
  • X-ray: XRay Images Skull Dorso Ventral Orientation
    10 Images
  • Eye Morphology: Images Ophthalmoscopy
    15 Images
  • X-ray: XRay Images Skull Lateral Orientation
    10 Images
  • Adult LacZ: LacZ Images Wholemount
    7 Images

Disease Models

No associations by disease annotation and gene orthology found.

Order Mouse and ES Cells

Targeting Detail Product Ordering
MGI Allele Allele Type Type Map Seq Vector ES Cell Mouse Tissue Enquiry
Aldh1l1tm1a(KOMP)Wtsi KO first allele (reporter-tagged insertion with conditional potential)
Aldh1l1tm1b(KOMP)Wtsi Reporter-tagged deletion allele (post-Cre)